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Mardi Gras parade is not allowed in New Orleans due to COVID-19

A good time will not come in this year’s New Orleans.

According to officials, the city of Louisiana will not allow the 2021 Mardi Gras parade due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Big Easy’s famous carnival parade began on January 2nd and was scheduled to continue until late February. However, according to the FAQ page on the city’s website, Mardi Gras is a religious holiday and authorities cannot cancel it altogether.

“A large rally has proven to be a COVID-19 virus superspreader event, so no parades of any kind will be allowed this year,” the page says. “Some Mardi Gras crews may have the ball modified according to local strict COVID-19 guidelines. Participation in the ball is by invitation only and is not open to the public. . “

According to the website, party hubs on Bourbon and Frenchman streets are still open, but popular districts are also “always” subject to local and state coronavirus guidelines.

“It is highly recommended to limit the time in the city’s red light district and wear a mask to observe social distances,” the site said.

The city’s Mardi Gras page 2021 claims that the annual event is “not canceled, just different” and asks locals to submit ideas on how to celebrate safely.

Mayor LaToya Cantrell confirmed the parade’s guidance at an unrelated press conference, reported.

“That’s true, based on ongoing state guidelines,” Cantrell said Tuesday. “Because it is related to Mardi Gras 2021, you need to follow the guidelines.” previously reported that Cantrell first acknowledged in late April that the possibility of canceling Mardi Gras’ celebration could not be ruled out.

“That’s what we have to think about,” Cantrell said in an online forum with The Washington Post. “That’s what we have to put on the table. It’s a big pause now before we say we’re moving forward in Mardi Gras 2021.”

The Mardi Gras parade wasn’t last held in New Orleans in 1979, and a police strike urged the crew to cancel the celebration, the outlet reported.

Mardi Gras parade is not allowed in New Orleans due to COVID-19

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