Manipulated collective memory makes most Australians much poorer

Missing anniversaries raises the question of how well Australians are informed about their society. Alan Austin is wearing the Quizmaster hat again.

This question was recently asked on the Facebook page:

Participants provided eight different answers. Everything is wrong. So who do the readers here think it was without Google? Make a note of your guess. I will answer at the bottom of the page.

The Facebook discussion also raised this question:

Union adds more debt in 9 months than workers did in less than 6 years

Australia’s swelling debt presents not only financial problems, but also personality and moral challenges. Alan Austin reports.

Of the 39 answers that provided the names of the 11 prime ministers, 3 did it right. (The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is a 37 rich and well-developed democratic club.)

So what is your answer? And what are your answers to these further questions about the Australian Prime Minister?

Union triples workers’ debt-3 times faster

The coalition debt explosion is well underway before the pandemic, making it inferior when comparing workers’ debt during the global financial crisis.

Public memory loss due to media

The reason this assessment of our collective memory is happening now is that near the end of 2010, ten years ago, Australia was globally recognized as having a world-leading economy. That year, and countless economists, scholars, national leaders, finance ministers, and global institutions awarded praise and awards.

These include this year’s Minister of Aviation, the world’s best treasurer, this year’s Minister of Infrastructure, the world’s most effective response to the global financial crisis, triple A credit ratings by all major institutions, and the G20 of 20 major institutions worldwide. Includes voting for the group chair. A seat on the Economic and UN Security Council.

Australia’s economy was clearly the world leader in economic growth, per capita wealth, job creation, productivity, infrastructure investment, and the value of its currency.

However, some of these honors and compliments were furiously reported to the Australian people by the anti-labor mass media.

The answer to all of these questions is Julia Gillard, and Bob Hawke shares the answer to Question 3. Around the world, Guillard had an extraordinary reputation, much like Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand enjoys today.

However, Ardern does not lead a country where the Murdoch media hires malicious people and dismantles her and her party by constantly misreporting their achievements.

Of course, many of the achievements recognized during the Guillard era began in the short period when Kevin Rudd was prime minister. Guillard has always been on his behalf. Murdoch outlets mercilessly blamed them at the time and have been doing so ever since.

“Australian” continues malicious attack on Julia Gillard

One of the most vicious campaigns in Australian history continues to this day. Alan Austin has filed a formal complaint with the Australian Press Council.

Destructive practical impact

It is a serious tragedy that this myth, constantly supplied by the media, that workers cannot control the economy, prevents them from celebrating Guillard’s achievements. But this is not just an emotional issue.

The results of recent elections could have been different if voters were informed that Labor had created the world’s most successful economy and was globally praised for other successes.

If the Guillard / Rudd government continues and Australia still produces the highest per capita wealth, its citizens will own an average of about A $ 110,000 more than it does today. It is based on an annual asset report from Credit Suisse, which measures deterioration since 2013.

If the unemployment rate were still in the top three in the OECD, about 455,000 fewer Australians would be unemployed. If the government’s total debt remained at 16.8% of Labor’s GDP, today’s debt would be $ 372 billion instead of $ 829 billion.

There are two false notions that workers are unable to control the economy and the coalition can help keep incompetents in power against the interests of most Australians who vote for incompetents. ..

This locks out the economic controls that hold Australia’s wealth and income for the benefit of its citizens and locks in those who shunt it offshore-this is what the Murdoch Empire and other media are trying to promote.

This only seems to change when the malicious effects of Murdoch have been eliminated.

On the other hand, the Guillard administration was re-elected 10 years ago in August on their wedding anniversary, albeit late. And thank you 10 years ago today for creating the best economy the world has ever seen.

Alan Austin’s defamation issue is almost over. You can read the updates here and contribute to your crowdfunding campaign. Alan Austin is an independent columnist and freelance journalist in Australia. You can follow him on Twitter @ AlanAustin001..

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Manipulated collective memory makes most Australians much poorer

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