Manfred refuses that minor leaguers are not paying their living wages

Los Angeles — Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred defended the sporting treatment of minor leaguers and urged immediate criticism from athlete advocacy groups.

“We reject the premise of the question that minor league players will not be paid a living wage,” Manfred told the Baseball Writers’ Association of America before Tuesday’s All-Star game.

“Even with the signature bonuses that many minor league players have already received on one side, I think we have made great strides in the last few years in terms of the amount paid to minor league players. But this is clearly another form of compensation. “

MLB raised minimum salary in 2021Increase class A payments from $ 290 to $ 500 per week, double A from $ 350 to $ 600, and triple A from $ 502 to $ 700 in a season of about five months. Players are paid only during the season.

Amateur players in the United States and Canada selected for this week’s Amateur Draft have a slot value for the contract money that the club uses as a guideline. This ranges from $ 8.8 million for the first pick to just under $ 150,000 for the tenth final selection. And the final round.

Last November, MLB has announced that it is requesting the team to provide furnished accommodation., Single bed per player, 2 or less players per bedroom. The team is responsible for basic utility bills.

“Most minor league baseball players have a second job due to lack of annual salary,” Harry Marino, executive director of minor league advocates, said in a statement in response to Manfred. Stated. “His proposal that minor league rewards are accepted is cold and wrong.”

Documents submitted to federal court on Friday revealed MLB has agreed to pay $ 185 million to settle a minor league case.. MLB has agreed to withdraw the ban on teams that pay minor league players outside the season.

Initial estimates suggest that perhaps 23,000 players will be able to share money with an average payment of $ 5,000 to $ 5,500, with $ 55.5 million paid to the player’s lawyer.

Senate Judiciary Committee leaders asked Manfred to explain by next Tuesday. The potential legal impact of removing the sports antitrust exemption from covering sports relationships with minor league players.

Players with a major league contract are in the union, but players with a minor league contract are not in the union. According to a federal disclosure statement, the Major League Baseball Players Association awarded $ 50,000 to minor league advocates last November.

Former first baseman Tony Clark told the BBWAA in a question and answer session, “Players recognize the power of their collective voice and admit that they make a positive difference in what they live every day. It’s exciting to see it. ” The session before Manfred. “Harry Marino and the defenders of the minor leaguers have done a great job of engaging with, educating and helping them find their voices …. we see. We provide as much support as possible. “

Manfred refuses that minor leaguers are not paying their living wages

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