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Man accused of ‘slapping’ Giuliani demands $2 million in false arrest

NEW YORK (AP) — A man charged with assault for slapping former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani on the back filed a notice with the city Thursday seeking $2 million in false arrest.

Daniel Gill is seen touching Giuliani’s back with an open hand in a June video, as Giuliani supports his son Andrew’s campaign for New York Governor’s GOP nomination at Staten Island Shoprite. I was at the supermarket. According to a billing notice released Thursday.

Giuliani appeared barely responsive in the video, but later said he felt “like someone shot me” or hit a rock.

According to the billing notice, Gil was jailed for over 24 hours and lost his job in the marketplace as a result of his arrest and surrounding publicity.

Gill on Wednesday agreed to a deal with prosecutors that the charges would be dropped if he didn’t cause trouble for the next six months.

In Thursday’s filing, Gill and attorney Ronald Kuby allege a number of offenses, including false arrests, wrongful convictions, infliction of emotional distress and unlawful search and seizure.

Giuliani was not named in the lawsuit because he “is not a local government employee and New York City (mercifully) is no longer responsible for his wrongdoing,” according to the filing.

The city’s legal department declined to comment. Notices of claims that are precursors to potential litigation are reviewed by the city’s General Accounting Office.

A Republican, Giuliani, 78, served as mayor from 1994 to 2001 and was widely praised for his leadership after 9/11. Now suspended from law practice, he served as former President Donald Trump’s personal attorney and played a leading role in challenging the outcome of Trump’s 2020 election loss.–slap–wants–2m-for-false-arrest Man accused of ‘slapping’ Giuliani demands $2 million in false arrest

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