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Major schedule disruptions due to party regulations.loophole

Despite New York’s primary status being closed, a loophole created from a re-election legal challenge allowed New Yorkers to change party registrations until the August primary.

Erica Smitka, deputy director of the New York State League of Women Voters, said: capital tonight The state election commission approved a motion to close that loophole on Wednesday.

In New York, only registered members of political parties, such as Democrats and Republicans, can vote in that party’s primary election. New York law allows a voter to change her June primary voter registration until her February 14th. If the change is submitted after his Feb. 14th, the voter’s registered party will stay in place until seven days after his June primary. However, the law does not consider his August 23rd.The primaries were created after a New York Supreme Court judge scrapped congressional and state Senate constituency lines.

Smitka said the state board of elections asked both the presiding judge and the legislature to extend the party change exemption period to include the August primary, but no changes were made.

On Wednesday, the board submitted a motion requesting Supreme Court judges to set an August 12 deadline for changing parties.

Primary elections scheduled for August 23 will select candidates for Congress and the state Senate for the general election in November. Two congressional districts, 19, on the same dayth and 23rdwill hold a special election to fill the remaining terms of Antonio Delgado and Tom Reed.

Major schedule disruptions due to party regulations.loophole

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