Madonna and Saucy Santana team up for “Material Gworrllllllll!”

You know that we (still) live in a material world.

Madonna surprised generations of fans with her latest collaboration on Friday.

The Queen of Pop has teamed up with rapper, internet sensation and TikTok prodigy Saucy Santana for a remix of her 2020 viral hit “Material Girl.”

Madonna established herself as one of the world’s most influential artists with the 1984 version of ‘Material Girl’ and has a seemingly eternal career with Madonna at a Pride event in New York City in June. , which debuted a mashup of both hits.

The 28-year-old rapper, whose real name is Rashad Spain, wrote on Instagram after his Pride performance at Terminal 5, “I wish I could have this moment in LIFE.”

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“The past few weeks [with] You are nothing short of amazing! @madonna Thank you. Thank you very much.Thank you.” Santana I have written to the pop music phenomenon.

“I have learned so many great things from you silently. Thank you for choosing me! Queer Femme Black Boy [with] I didn’t know God had it for me,” he added.

On Friday, Madonna released a remix of their collaboration, now renamed “Material Gworrllllll!”

The fun, catchy summer song is sprinkled with elements of Madonna’s original song, released in November 1984 as the second single from her sophomore album, Like a Virgin. increase. 9 albums to reach the top of the US charts.

“Material girls are not tasteless, material girls are my favorite. Don’t let this go to waste because I’m a material girl. Madonna sings on ‘Material Gworrllllll!’

This song comes out a few days before her release Upcoming compilation album “Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones” will be released on August 19th, three days after his 64th birthday.

Santana, who was born almost a year before the release of Madonna’s sixth studio album, Bedtime Stories, made her late-night television debut on Thursday, performing her latest single, “Booty,” on NBC’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. played.

Madonna and Saucy Santana team up for “Material Gworrllllllll!”

Source link Madonna and Saucy Santana team up for “Material Gworrllllllll!”

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