Luis Guillorme belts second career homer with Mets victory

Everyone knows that two mistakes are not right. But is it possible for one aberration to offset another?

Two days after Luis Guillorme of Slickfield made three featureless errors in the game, shortstop Fillin was able to do something equally unusual throughout his baseball career on Wednesday: he returned home. did.

Guillom was the third hit in three Mets home runs, which scored all the points. Defeat Reds 7-0 At the Great American Ball Park. His second home run in 156 career MLB games (282 at bats) followed 12 in which he started eight seasons with more than 618 games, 2,263 at bats and minors.

“I’m always confused,” Guillom said, being teased by his teammates because of his power count. “After a while I get used to it. It’s my entire career. It’s always good to have no zeros in the home run line.”

After the match, Guillom spoke with the Mets passaround WWE championship belt on his left shoulder. Dom Smith.. It is common practice for the Mets to use belts to allow rebounds from adversity.

Luis Guillorme
Luis Guillorme
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“I’m telling you: we love this guy,” Smith said of Guillom. “He cuts off his ass. He could hit more [home runs], But he is an excellent spray hitter. It’s really nice to see him get it — and it’s probably not the last one he’ll hit this year. I promise you. “

Mets survived Guillom’s three errors (two in one play) on Monday, winning 15-11. He arrived at the base three times in a defensive nightmare on Monday before he was a shortstop on Tuesday to pinch hitter and prime. Guillom returned to the starting lineup for the series finale Wednesday afternoon.

“He’s a big part of this team,” Smith said. “Every time he gets an opportunity, he’s ready. It goes to every job he put in. Obviously he wasn’t having the best night [Monday]But we know how talented he is as a shortstop. And we know what he can do with a bat. He welcomes us a lot throughout the season, so we just wanted to pick him up. “

Known for his quick hands, Guillom made one error with a total of 151 shortstop, second and third baseman majors in 2018-20. He and Jonathan Villar are sharing time with shortstops in the absence of Francisco Lindeau, who is on the injured list due to diagonal tension to the right.

“It wasn’t easy to spend the night,” Guillom said. “But there are two sides to the game, so I’m always looking at it. You can’t translate your defense into your attack. I think I wasn’t doing it for defense. You should try the attack. “

Biller’s two home runs put the Mets in front, and Smith’s three Grand Slams extended the lead to 5-0. After finishing the game on second base to give Jeff McNeil a break, Guillom lined up a 391-foot four-seam fastball over the fence with his fifth right center fielder.

“Everyone is doing everything,” Guillom said. “It wasn’t a man’s show. In the last few games, everyone has done something to contribute to the attack.”

Luis Guillorme belts second career homer with Mets victory

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