LSU ignored allegations of sexual assault against soccer players, bomb reveals

According to an explosive USA Today Sports report, some LSU school officials were aware of allegations of sexual assault against former soccer players, but did not respond to complaints.

According to the report, athletic officials either ignored the allegations or denied the victim’s request for protection.

USA Today reported that there were three cases of soccer players who were found to be the cause of sexual assault but were allowed to postpone suspension and stay on campus during what was essentially a probationary period. did.

One of those players was Delius Gis, a former second-round pick with problems with the Washington Football Team, who was cut in August after being arrested on suspicion of domestic violence.

Another case included the former wide receiver Drake Davis. USA Today reported that LSU women’s tennis coach Mikesel was informed that Davis had hit one of the players in the belly. Cell has never reported the incident, and Davis reportedly continued to attack an unnamed tennis player.

Delius Gis
Delius Gis playing at LSU in 2016.Getty Images

Davis was arrested for two rechargeable batteries in 2018 and then shut down. The arrest warrant states that he assaulted the woman he was dating four times in 13 months.

USA Today reported that there were at least nine footballers reported of sexual misconduct after Ed Orgeron’s head coach took over the program in 2016. For three different domestic violence cases.

“First, I want to say that we need to support and protect victims of all kinds of violence and sexual abuse,” Olgeron said in a statement on Monday. “There is no place in our society, on this campus, or in our football program to take this kind of action. If a complaint is filed, make all allegations so that we can take proper steps. I have a legal and moral obligation to report to the University Title IX office. I have experience in the past and will continue to take appropriate action and comply with reporting protocols. Today, the university will when a complaint arises. We are confident that we are working to address our policies and processes. “

He refused to answer any further questions. His panther, Zack von Rosenberg, tweeted about Olgeron’s support, but later deleted the message.

“We had team meetings on almost every incident and felt obliged to protect our coaches,” tweeted von Rosenberg. “Most of these players have been fired or removed from the team. Other I don’t know all the details, but what I know is that my coach will do the right thing That is the fact. “

USA Today reported that LSU, which won the national football title last season, told the outlet that it had disciplined two players, Davis and quarterback Peter Parish.

According to the school, the other four had not been disciplined. These include Safety Grant Delpit, who allegedly recorded women during sex without permission and shared videos with others, Te Provence accused of rape, linebacker Jacob Phillips, and tight-end Zack. Includes Shepher.

LSU ignored allegations of sexual assault against soccer players, bomb reveals

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