Lori Valov Dabel accused of murdering his ex-husband, “Cult Mama”

Phoenix — A woman already charged with murder in Idaho for the death of her daughter and son was charged with conspiring to kill her ex-husband in Metro Phoenix.

In an indictment released Tuesday, Lori Vallo Dabel was killed by his son, seven-year-old Joshua “JJ” Vallow, and his ex-husband Charles Vallow, who was killed months before his stepdaughter in Chandler, Arizona. I was charged. -Tylie Ryan, aged, has gone missing.

According to police records, when Charles Vallow picked up his son from his estranged wife, Dabel’s brother Alexander Lamar Cox was shot deadly. According to the indictment, Dabel colluded with his brother at Valov’s death.

Cox told police that he had killed Valov for self-defense and was not arrested. He died of a blood clot five months later.

Mark Means, a lawyer at Lori Dabel in Idaho, did not immediately respond to phone messages and emails from the Associated Press seeking comment.

Lori Dabel is already at the center of a complex criminal case in Idaho, and prosecutors murder her two children and Chad Dabel’s late wife Tammy Dabel in conspiracy with her new husband, Chad Dabel. Claims to have done.

The proceeding against Lori Dabel is currently pending while she is being treated at a mental health facility.

The judge made her commit earlier this month after discovering that she was incapable of supporting her defense.

•• Associated Press writer Rebecca Boone of Boise, Idaho contributed to this report.

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Lori Valov Dabel accused of murdering his ex-husband, “Cult Mama”

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