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Long Island’s holiday shops thrive as patrons scoop up all kinds of vintage items.

Northport, New York — Shoppers are obsessed with vintage this holiday season. They scoop up century-old decorations, Santas, ornaments, and eye-popping creations.

An expert told CBS2 on Monday that the move to sustainability is extending to traditional collectibles.

They’re turning back time with the tin cock NorthportIt’s one of several vintage stores in our area.

“We rescue items that might end up in trash cans and landfills. People have relatives who may have passed away,” said Susan Dittrich of the store.

“I saw them have this Sinatra Christmas album and I couldn’t resist. I like old things. I like things with stories,” said vintage shopper Kelly Tenney. rice field.

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Tin Rooster has ornaments made from Shiny Brite, Rosbro plastic, and a 100-year-old Japanese Santa.

“The younger generation enjoys buying vintage pieces,” Ditrich said.

Secondhand and antique stores are gaining momentum as shoppers strive to reduce their carbon footprint, according to Forrester Research experts.

Elaine Doherty said her husband had a Rosie’s Vintage of Huntington.

“My husband will be very excited when it opens on Christmas morning,” said Dougherty.

Thea Morales, owner of Rosie’s Vintage, said, “The ones from 50 or 60 years ago were so well made that they’re still here.

Morales pointed to bubble lights, Kugel ornaments, Putz’s house, and Bavarian Santa.

“This is just a classic, great piece. It’s an old Santa Claus. I really like Santa Claus,” said shopper West Pearl.

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Fleming Hansen also likes Santa. Copenhagen His bakery owner has recreated his roots in Denmark.

“We’re trying to create the same traditions as back home: royal icing, powdered sugar eggs, milk, butter, lots of butter,” Hansen said.

Employee Jessica Greenbaum said, “Customers are very kind. They’re like family.”

Two-year-old Caroline Karwoski couldn’t resist giving it a try.

“Yeah, tradition is great,” said his father, Mike Kalwoski.

They are all celebrating an old fashioned holiday. Long Island’s holiday shops thrive as patrons scoop up all kinds of vintage items.

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