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Long Island small businesses get creative to impress holiday shoppers

Commack, New York — With everyone feeling inflation on the brink, smaller retailers are feeling extra pressure to offer discounts this holiday season, but Long Island analyst Jennifer McLogan of CBS2 Creativity can turn the tide for small business owners, he says.

Saltwater Long Island is a mom-and-pop shop. In this case, Pop and Son’s shop.

“We’re just trying to compete in this market. It’s tough,” said co-owner Buddy DeMarco.

Buddy and Joe DeMarco sell Long Island branded coastal apparel online and in stores.

Joe DeMarco steps up his game to say, “Hey, listen, we want you to accept us, we’ll give you more back.”

Adjacent to those on the Walt Whitman Mall are long-established stores and chains that are under pressure as they can offer big discounts on holidays.

“Last night we received our shipment and unloaded 125 boxes,” Buddy DeMarco said.

Shipping costs, labor costs, and rent are all up 25-30%.

Buddy DeMarco said, “It’s virtually impossible to pass directly to the customer.

Experts say small retailers need to be careful and think creatively to avoid being forced out of business.

EGC marketing expert Nicole Penn says her clients bundle products that offer perks and experiences.

“Find new ways to compete and who has seen a 40% increase in sales.This is great and a positive sign for other small businesses,” she said.

Tandy Jeckel, owner of Commack clothing store TandyWear, said:

It’s a personal touch at her mother-daughter clothing store.

“We realized we needed to light up the building. You need to give it a great presence,” she said.

“I support small businesses…because they’re struggling,” one person told McLogan.

“I go to the smaller stores than the big ones,” said another.

“Big companies are like monopolies, so I go local,” said another.

It’s a do-or-die time for many small businesses.

“What’s really great about Black Friday to Cyber ​​Monday is that little niche in between, small business Saturdays where the community really comes out and supports little people like us,” says Joe DeMarco. I was.

They are enthusiastic about the upcoming holiday challenge. Long Island small businesses get creative to impress holiday shoppers

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