Local cannabis chef Victor Aguilera from Food Network

Food Network’s TV show “Chopped” will debut this month’s spin-off “Chopped 420.” As you can imagine, this is a cooking contest where chef contestants must use THC for cooking.

Stream at 420 on per hour episode Discovery +, Four chefs compete in a three-course exclusion challenge and invite a jury by including four mysterious ingredients and THC in each course. Judges such as chef Luke Reyes, chef Sam Talbot, comedian Takara Williams, chef Esther Choi, and drug performer and cannabis activist Laganja Estranja won the $ 10,000 grand prize for one chef. Choose the winner of each round until you win.

San Francisco-based chef Victor Aguilera, creator of Arepas en Bici A food delivery service specializing in Arepa, a Venezuelan flatbread stuffing, is one of the contestants. Aguilera started the Arepa business “by bicycle” (translation of “en Bici”) from the apartment shortly after last year’s pandemic. The venture started quickly, and Aguilera appeared in “Good Morning America” ​​just months after it was launched, driving his business even more successful.

It’s not possible to share program information in advance, but he said he wasn’t the first to participate in a cooking contest by appearing on Food Network’s “Food Network.”Cut throat kitchenHe didn’t achieve it beyond the first round of the tournament, but he said he wanted to go back and redeem himself, so when he heard about the “chopped 420” he experienced cooking at THC. please.

Chef Victor Aguilera

Aguilera has been using THC for years to help control anxiety and depression, so he’s not a stranger to its medicinal properties. When he started edible experiments two years ago, he realized how effective cannabis could be when incorporated into food. But last year, for the pandemic and the operation of his own business, Aguilera said he had more opportunities to meet different growers and experiment with different strains. He said he loves how cooking with Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid can bring different flavors to the dish. For example, lemon haze with citrus flavors and mango kush with more general fruity.

“As a chef, we use a whole new set of spices because the flavors we get from THC are so different and dense,” Aguilera said.

Inject goat cheese “croquette” into Blue Dream vanilla pudding.

Originally from Latin America, Aguilera admits that cooking with THC is not without its challenges, as many people, including Venezuelan grandmothers, are still nervous about cannabis consumption. He likes to educate people about the benefits of THC and is pleased that the “Chopped 420” helps to inform people of its benefits.

“When I told my Venezuelan grandmother what I was doing, she was like,” What ?! ” She wasn’t interested in it at first, but when I explain it and elaborate on the amount of experience I’ve cooked in THC and how it helps people, she learns more about it. Thank you for that, “he said.

In addition, Aguilera believes that taking THC is much better than going out and getting drunk or taking certain medicines for a particular illness.

“We have this wonderful plant that can help us move to a better future,” he said.

He also likes that the products he uses provide specific measurements of THC and that the amount of food cooked can be easily controlled. Aguilera, who moved from Florida to San Francisco in 2016, said he was also grateful for the choice of top-notch products. He said that touring California farms and studying cannabis as much as possible would help ensure that it was done effectively and professionally. Like his business, Repeaten Bici, he likes to use fresh local ingredients and use as many organic products as possible.

“From honey to sauces to oils, it’s incredible,” he said.

Regarding the opportunity to appear in “Chopped 420,” Aguilera said she felt very happy to be in the show. Filmed outdoors in Palm Springs, California, the production team took rigorous precautions, including testing everyone at least twice a day to ensure the safety of COVID.

Aguilera doesn’t know which episode will appear in “Chopped 420,” but encourages people to watch all five episodes.

“I think it’s amazing that’Chopped’is experimenting with THC.”

You can also follow Aguilera on your Instagram account @arepasenbici And @chef_tastebuds To see the show’s sneak peak and what he’s doing. He said he is constantly trying out new dishes and THC recipes to keep things exciting and fresh.

Local cannabis chef Victor Aguilera from Food Network

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