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Local businesses are starting to think about possible UPS drivers’ strike

new york — In the event of a deadlock in negotiations, deliveries from Japan may be suspended in the summer. UPS.

340,000 employees, represented by Teamster, have threatened to go on strike.

CBS New York details the impact it can have on businesses and consumers.

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Tony Russo’s vast inventory has given the owner of Aries Wines and Spirits a customer base well beyond White Plains.

“We ship all over New York State and rely on UPS,” Russo said.

However, the unfortunate events of summer are just around the corner. A potential strike could bring UPS operations to a halt.

“Obviously, if we can’t ship, it affects everything else that affects small businesses,” Russo said.

UPS employees at Mount Vernon held a picket line practice Thursday morning. Team officials said their main request was for improved salaries for part-timers, and that UPS’s offer was not being met.

At an information picket in Des Moines, Iowa, employees noted that UPS’s adjusted net income has increased more than 60% since 2019.

“We’re all just here to get a piece of the pie,” said employee Dillon Strait.

Drivers earn an average of $42 an hour and are eligible for a pension after 10 years of service.

UPS is the nation’s largest shipping company. About 6% of the country’s GDP goes through brown vans.

Nationwide, drivers deliver nearly 19 million packages every day.

University of Southern California professor Nick Vierce says consumers and manufacturers rely on UPS for critical deliveries.

Asked if even a short strike could affect the fall and holiday season, Biers said: “Any disruption could result in catastrophic financial losses for UPS, but other economies are likely to suffer.” It will have a huge impact on the whole.” Ability to move loads. ”

The deadline for the strike is August 1st.

UPS is urging Teamsters to resume negotiations, saying that “only non-union competitors will benefit from Teamsters’ actions.” Local businesses are starting to think about possible UPS drivers’ strike

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