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Local Business: Delhi shop has art supplies, news

Partners Kelli Cain and Brian Crabtree are adding color to downtown Delhi.

The pair launched Luck Dragon, an art supply store and workshop space on 100 Main Street in late August.

Cain, 43, said Luck Dragon grew up with a shared artistic background.

“We have been in Delhi for 14 years. She makes electronic instruments for computer music, but she wants to do more, she said. “We’ve been doing that for a long time, but Brian and I met in art school and studied music and experimental stop-motion animation at the California Institute of the Arts.

“Since then we’ve been working on different practices and projects…and we’re still making music and I’m doing pottery, so I’ve been into art for a while,” Kane said. continued. “We bought this building and renovated it for four years. ), but we always needed a classroom space that was educational, something to give to the community.We know a lot about art supplies and art projects, so we wanted to share some of our passions. I chose it and decided to focus on it and have a shop.Artware (Oneonta) closed and that created a big gap, but I missed it.The town was populated and everyone You need a retail space that you can enter and feel good about.”

As a certain Cain said, Luck Dragon’s inventory varies.

“I thought it was meaningful and valuable to see art supplies and craft supplies, paint colors, and books about color firsthand,” she said. We have a lot of really beautiful fabrics to make clothes from. , wanted to share with the community.

“We have a lot of items for mending…and we have classes for that,” Cain continued, referring to the popularity of sashiko yarn. This whole project is based on ‘Let’s use our hands and get all the ways to explore space and time without staring at a screen’. We also carry standards such as Holbein oil paints, Holbein acrylic paints, watercolors and different types of paper. We have a wide selection of your favorite books on color. This is very exciting, people are drawn to it, and (inventory) grows as we work with different classes. ”

Upcoming workshops include soldering, sewing, natural dyeing, block printing, spoon carving, garden design, still life painting, and more.

Cain said locals and tourists are exploring their creative side.

“In Delhi, there are still a few tourists thanks to farmers markets, but I think[the sponsorship]is everywhere,” she said. “It’s just Delhi and people outside of Delhi. It’s nice to have more locals and we hope to attract more artists. The closest places are Arlene’s (Artist Materials) in Albany and Kingston. The Catskill Art is her supply.

“We have a lot of artists[locally],” continued Cain. “I was shocked to see so many people painting, sewing and making clothes at home.It is very inspiring and Delhi is such a creative community.It continues to surprise me.”

Cain said locals are particularly happy that the space has been revived.

“I think people are really enthusiastic about renovations,” she said. “It’s a very special building. We were really lucky because he kindly spoke to us at

Cain said she and Crabtree hope to expand Luck Dragon’s offering.

“We’re slowly but surely building up our inventory, so it feels great and we’re always adding new stuff and considering new classes,” she said. It’s expanding, I want to get better before everyone else comes in. This is our second month and I feel like we’re about to start spreading the word.”

Luck Dragon is open Wednesday through Saturday from 9am to 4pm, with classes during and after hours. There are also open “hangout nights,” Cain says.

Visit for a list of workshops and events. Local Business: Delhi shop has art supplies, news

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