Listed tech company EOH pays Zizi Kodwa and former Zuma PA

A study found that Jehan Mackay, head of the public sector of listed ICT company EOH, paid for a particular politically exposed person for two years.

Steven Powell, head of ENSafrica Forensics, appeared in front of the committee on Wednesday and provided evidence from a survey conducted on ICT company EOH, led by Vice President Raymond Zondo.

EOH commissioned EN Safrica in 2019 to investigate possible fraudulent contracts between companies related to Microsoft software licensing and the Department of Defense. According to testimony provided by EOH CEO Stephen van Coller, the investigation began after a U.S. software company issued a cancellation notice and banned the resale of software licenses on suspicion of fraud reported by whistleblowers. .. The investigation confirmed irregularities, Powell said.

EOH also required EN Safrica to investigate similar contracts with the water and sanitation department related to SAP licenses.

Given the irregularities detected in the Pentagon contract, it turned out that EOH had an overcharged license, but this was not delivered and the state agency that handles the procurement of IT services for the contract. Ignored the procurement procedure by avoiding the SITA.

Powell said Van Coller had asked EN Safrica to investigate all important public sector contracts to ensure that there were no similar issues. According to News24, EN Safrica was flagging issues related to the city of Johannesburg. The current mayor, Geoff Makhubo, testifies to this issue.

According to Powell, EN Safrica found details of the payments paid to Makhubo and Molelwane Consulting and served on the board in 2019.

ENSafrica also supports the Commission by providing information about specific individuals and groups. Forensic companies have discovered that there were many frauds between 2014 and 2017. Media reports on EOH were consistent with reducing “mischief,” Powell said.

Powell’s testimony details the results of Mackay’s FNB account analysis and makes “suspicious” payments to former ANC national spokespersons and current Deputy National Security Minister Zizi Kodwa from May 2015 to June 2017. is showing. Another individual, Siyabulela Sintwa, was paid by former PA to former President Jacob Zuma. R500000 was paid to Reggie Nkabinde, President of the ANC Youth League, and referred to as a loan. The total payment was just over 1 million rants.

The remittance was made at the same time as the deposit from TSS-MS to McKay’s account. Mackay is Managing Director of Tactical Software Systems-Managed Services (TSS MS).

Powell said Mackay was “one of the people who appeared in quite a few emails and documents and played a major role in the emphasized irregularities.” TSS MS was acquired by EOH in 2011.

Powell’s testimony continues.

Source: News24

Listed tech company EOH pays Zizi Kodwa and former Zuma PA

Source link Listed tech company EOH pays Zizi Kodwa and former Zuma PA

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