Lindsey Boylan accuses Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment

New York — A former aide to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who is currently running for Mayor of Manhattan, accused sexual harassment of making inappropriate comments about her appearance in a series of tweets on Sunday.

Lindsey Boylan tweeted that the Democratic governor “had sexually harassed me for years.” Many people saw it and saw it. “

“I couldn’t predict what I would expect. Will I be grilled (very good) at my job or harassed about my appearance? Or both are in the same conversation. This has been the way for years, “she continued.

“These claims are untrue,” said Cuomo spokesman Caitlin Gilard, who was asked to comment.

Boylan, 36, served in the Cuomo administration from March 2015 to October 2018, first serving as Executive Vice President of Empire State Development and then as Special Advisor to Cuomo’s Economic Development.

She did not provide harassment details and did not immediately respond to messages from the Associated Press. Boylan later tweeted. “For clarity, I’m not interested in talking to journalists. I’m about examining the experience of countless women and ensuring that abuse is stopped.”

Boylan’s sexual harassment allegations against Cuomo occur after the Associated Press and others report that the 63-year-old governor is considering the job of Attorney General of President-elect Joe Biden’s administration.

Earlier this month, Boylan also tweeted about her work experience in the Cuomo administration, citing it as the worst job ever.

“I tried to finish three times before getting stuck. I’ve been working hard. Hustle-forge it until you style it,” she wrote. “The environment is beyond toxicity. I’m still unpacking it with treatment years later!”

A 2018 personnel memo obtained by the Associated Press indicates that Boylan has resigned after facing complaints about the behavior of his office.

Some women complained to the Empire State Development’s Human Resources department: Boyland harassed, looked down on, yelled at them, and acted as if they weren’t experts in general, “government ethics officer Julia Pinover Kupiek wrote in a memo.

Boylan resigned to receive “counseling” about his complaint after meeting with officials, including Cuomo’s Supreme Attorney Alfonso David.

David said in a follow-up note that Boylan contacted him a few days later and said she would reconsider her resignation and want to get back to work, but he discouraged doing so.

Boylan won 22% of the votes in a campaign against US Congressman Jerold Nadler in the 2020 Democratic Preliminary Election, claiming that incumbents were not progressive enough. She announced last month that she would run in the 2021 Democratic primary to replace Gale Brewer, Mayor of Manhattan, who has a limited term.

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Lindsey Boylan accuses Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment

Source link Lindsey Boylan accuses Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment

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