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“Like a bear trap”: A 16-year-old surfer explains that he was bitten by a shark off Fire Island.

Long Beach, Nassau County (WABC)-A shark bites a surfer off the coast of Long Island on Wednesday night, the sixth incident since June 30th.

That’s because heat waves keep the beach full and authorities continue to monitor shark activity with lifeguards, boats, helicopters, and drones.

16-year-old surfer Max Haynes was bitten on Wednesday night, about 15-20 yards from Kismet Beach on Fire Island.

He said he was bitten by his right foot and was playing with his friend James, pretending to be a shark, about 30 seconds before being attacked.

“We actually flipped each other off the board, scared each other, and we pretended to be sharks and grabbed each other’s feet in the water,” he said. “And suddenly, after 30 seconds, I was really confused.”

He suffered a cut of about 4 inches.

“I felt violently at my feet as if a bear trap would take me from below,” he said. “I felt like I had a broken leg.”

His doctor told him he was able to know the size of the shark’s jaw based on his bite, which led to an estimate that the shark is about 6 feet long. ..

Haynes is a junior lifeguard and surf instructor on Fire Island and Jones Beach.

“I just started rowing,” he said. “And I thought,’James, especially if you want to live from here, you should follow me.'”

Dad was on the coastline.

“I saw blood on his feet. Immediately it scared you,” said Michael Haynes. “Because I’m an EMT, you’re struggling between your parents and the EMT, so your EMT part is quickly assessing how serious it is.”

Haynes was conscious and carried hundreds of yards to his family’s villa. So they suppressed bleeding while waiting for help.

“When I was in the ambulance, it really started to hurt,” Max said.

Still, he doesn’t expect the incident to change his behavior.

“I’ll be back as soon as possible,” he said.

It all came on the same day Dead great white shark Drifted in the Hamptons Quogue.

According to experts, warm and clean water means that sharks are approaching the shore.

Lifeguards are trained to find the characteristic fins of sharks.

Governor Kathy Hokul says more staff have been added to the beaches of New York State.

Long Island Aquarium expert Teddy Tilkin told Witness News that there are several key factors in surviving an encounter with a shark.

“Try to be as calm as possible and away from sharks,” Tilkin said.

He said he would swim away with as little splash as possible so that the shark wouldn’t feel injured or suffering.

“If they really wanted to chew and eat us, we would lose limbs and do more external damage to us from many attacks,” he said. “Because sharks are very powerful animals.”

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“Like a bear trap”: A 16-year-old surfer explains that he was bitten by a shark off Fire Island.

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