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Lego builds “world’s longest” pride parade

Carlsbad, California. -As Pride Month continues, LEGO is celebrating the LGBTQIA + community with the “world’s longest” pride parade.

These small but powerful parades take place at the various Minilands of Legoland’s California, Florida and New York resorts and at seven Discovery Centers in Columbus, Michigan, Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, New Jersey and Westchester. You can find it.

In total, the parade consists of 250,000 Lego and introduces 1,530 Lego Marchers that are 4 inches high and about 100 feet long.
In addition, the parade will feature colorful Lego floats, flags and musicians.

The parade at Legoland California Resort begins in San Francisco and the New York Resort begins at the Stonewall Inn, paying homage to the gay rights movement.

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Lego builds “world’s longest” pride parade

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