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Legislators demand funding to remove carbon from the atmosphere

Efforts to remove carbon directly from the atmosphere will be funded under the measures proposed by Assemblywoman Pat Fahy, along with provisions intended to reduce more carbon entering the environment.

The proposal, made during a major international climate change conference in Scotland, aims to allow countries around the world to negotiate ways to reduce the effects of global warming.

Fahy’s bill supports state funding aimed at strengthening direct carbon removal efforts in New York. The bill also prohibits the use of carbon removed during this program for oil or gas extraction.

Also, newly procured carbon removal cannot be counted as part of the offset program.

“This law will not only reduce the legacy carbon that is already in our atmosphere, but will also attract and stimulate the growth of new businesses, new jobs and new economic opportunities throughout the state,” Fahy said in a statement. Said in.

New York already plans to move to non-fossil fuel energy sources in the coming decades and eventually phase out gasoline vehicles and trucks. At the same time, parliamentarians are calling for measures aimed at further protecting the nation from the effects of the catastrophic storms caused by climate change.

Most recently, hurricane debris in the New York City area has seen dozens of deaths from widespread floods and faster-than-expected storm surges.

The bill introduced by Fahy aims to complement New York’s energy-shifting legislation known as the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA).

“This bill strengthens CLCPA, which allows for 15% carbon removal or offset components in state-wide climate targets by clearly prioritizing durable carbon removal over carbon offsets,” she said. Told.

Legislators demand funding to remove carbon from the atmosphere

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