LeBron James wants to play with me “surreal”

Stephen Curry has once again responded to the idea that his biggest rival, LeBron James, wants to play with him.

A few weeks ago, James said in a preview of the show “The Shop” that Curry would be one player who wants to be a teammate. Curry laughed it off, James says he got his wish in the All-Star game.. This week, Curry starred in his longtime Warriors teammate Draymond Green’s volume sports podcast, digging deeper into James’ declaration.

“It’s surreal because I’ll never be far from when I was in Detroit for Sweet Sixteen. This guy was in his 4th or 5th year in the league. He came to my game. He’s supporting and cheering. Where he was in his career, he’s a future superstar and inducted into the Hall of Fame, with the greatest potential in history, “Carry said. “The fact that we’re 13 years away and he says it’s still crazy. Not many people know this, but when I was at Davidson’s college he was me Gave me a jersey, and I still have it on the wall of my parents’ house in Charlotte. [signed] It — to be the king of basketball in North Carolina. “

LeBron James and Stephen Curry hug in March 2022.
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James’Cavs played Green and Curry’s Warriors for the fourth consecutive year in the 2015-2018 NBA Finals, with Warriors winning in three of the four series.

Curry admitted that his curiosity was inspired by James’ remarks, but offered another polite decline in potential.

“You are taking a fantasy draft and creating a draft. [we both can do], Obviously it’s curiosity. So what does it look like? He asked. “But there is also realism. That’s what I said,” I’m fine now. ” You can never let go of your heart from your situation, your moments, your time, and who I have been with since day one.

“That’s my best answer. It’s fantasy, it’s wild. But there’s respect, gratitude, and surreal because of where I came from. [the video game NBA] 2K — That’s pretty deadly. “

LeBron James wants to play with me “surreal”

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