LeBron James’ son, Bronnie, left court with gun scare

A chaotic scene erupted in Maryland Saturday night after a gun scare interrupted a basketball game featuring Bronnie James, son of Lakers star LeBron James.

As the clock slowed down in a game between James’ Sierra Canyon in Los Angeles and local team Demassa Catholicism, a brawl broke out in the stands and someone shouted “gun”, causing the game to be interrupted and the players to run off the court. rice field. for their own safety.

The game was not restarted after the incident, but police told TMZ Sports: no weapons found After a “thorough investigation” was carried out.

In an Instagram story, Bronnie James laments, “High school students can’t even play hoops in peace right now.”

Both teams skipped Sunday’s scheduled matches at the same event.

Senior Bronnie James is one of high school basketball’s top recruits but has yet to decide where he will play or train next year, perhaps with an eye to the 2024 NBA Draft.

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