LaVar Ball utters a sad “hoe” rant before the moment of La Melo’s NBA draft

The infamous NBA Loudmouth LaVar Ball is back.

Lonzo Ball’s father, owner of a failed sports apparel company and star of the New Orleans Pelican, argued that his sons had to carefully roam the NBA’s “hoe” and made some frank to his offspring We have released advice on various relationships.

A 53-year-old woman also sent a bitter message to a woman over 30 and received unpleasant comments.

Ball, who is also the father of the rising star Ramero Ball, who is expected to be selected as the top draft in the 2020 NBA Draft, did not shut his mouth when asked about his relationship with the NBA player.

“You’ll never meet a nice woman, especially in basketball,” Ball said in an endless hustle podcast. “You’re not going to find anyone, like I found your mom.” If you’re in this profession, you’ve got all this fame and infamy — how to meet a good girl Are you going? Not you. “

He said the type of female player you meet at a restaurant, club, or basketball game stand does not lead to a meaningful relationship.

“So I hate telling you, but you’re going to meet the hoes. What happens, my son,” he said. “Son, that’s the bad part of life you get — you’ll never meet a good woman.”

LaVar Ball
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Ball then explained his theory that NBA players have double-edged swords to deal with in their personal lives, as they are looking for women over the age of 30 to settle down at the end of their careers.

For reasons only he knows, he says it is another serious problem for his sons.

“You’ll wonder why she’s alone at the age of 30,” he said. “So, no matter how good it looks, it can be dangerous, but have a good time. I feel sick of you — but hey, I love the fact that you did it.”

He claims that his son already had a drama dealing with “hoes” in their career.

“I have already seen them,” he said. They have already brought some here. How are you going to meet someone and be solid? That won’t happen. I’m sorry, I need to retire. “

Ball’s youngest Ramero deals with people clinging to him as he is expected to sign a multi-million dollar deal throughout his career during a cameo appearance at the NBL with The Hawks last year. He said he had a real problem doing it.

“People don’t know me, they know me as a person. They don’t know what I’ve experienced,” Rameroball said. “People don’t see you as a human. People see you as a dollar sign. People think it’s easy to play abroad. No. I saw life different. I’m not a normal kid, I don’t go to dance parties, I don’t go to school … I don’t know any other way. “

LaVar Ball utters a sad “hoe” rant before the moment of La Melo’s NBA draft

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