Latest: South Korea Opens Dozens of Free Virus Testing Sites

Seoul, South Korea-South Korea has set up dozens of free coronavirus testing sites in the metropolitan area amid a surge in infectious diseases.

The 718 new cases reported by authorities on Monday brought the country’s total to 43,484, including 587 deaths. About 65% of new cases were found in the Seoul area, which has been the center of the recent surge.

The number of new cases decreased from 1,030 reported on Sunday, which is the highest total on Sunday in South Korea. However, according to observers, the drop is a result of fewer tests done over the weekend, and the number of cases in the country is expected to skyrocket again this week.

Starting Monday, health officials plan to phase out 150 virus testing centers in the Seoul area, in addition to more than 210 existing sites, as part of efforts to delay the outbreak.

The new test site will remain open for three weeks and anyone can take a free coronavirus test. Previously, anyone who wanted to take a diagnostic test on their own had to pay a fee if the test was negative.

The government says it is considering enforcing the strictest levels of social distance expansion rules in case the surge continues.


Outbreak of virus:

-COVID-19 vaccine shipments begin with historic US efforts

-Scientists are focusing on bats as clues to prevent the next pandemic

-U.S. Nursing Homes Face Vaccine Fear After 110,000 Virus Deaths

-Mr. Trump says he is planning an early vaccination at the White House


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What else is happening:

From Wellington, New Zealand-New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said he plans to open a travel bubble with Australia in the first quarter of next year.

This means that people traveling from Australia to New Zealand will not have to go into quarantine for two weeks after arrival. Australia has already forced New Zealanders to skip quarantine.

The announcement on Monday will come two days after New Zealand announces that it is planning a bubble similar to the Cook Islands. The two arrangements represent the first travel bubble that New Zealand has agreed to since closing the border when the coronavirus first struck earlier this year.

New Zealand has been cautious about resuming overseas travel after stopping the spread of the virus to the community. Ardern says there are still logistics issues to overcome, such as how to deal with the large influx of returning travelers in the event of another major outbreak in Australia.

The announcement comes as some relief for families separated by the virus and for many tourists who rely on visitors from Australia.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the first COVID-19 vaccine vial packed with many freezers has arrived in Canada.

Trudeau tweeted a photo of them being unloaded from the plane. Canadian health regulators approved a vaccine manufactured by US pharmaceutical company Pfizer and German BioNTech last Wednesday.

The Government of Canada recently amended its contract with Pfizer to allow up to 249,000 doses this month. Trudeau says that’s good news, but he keeps Canadians wearing masks, avoiding rallies, and urging users to download a government app that tells them if they’ve contacted someone who tested positive. I am.


Los Angeles-Los Angeles County once again broke the record of hospitalization for the coronavirus and achieved the county’s disastrous predictions of the county’s public health director in just a few days.

Numbers released on Sunday afternoon show that more than 4,000 people were hospitalized for COVID-19 in the most populous county in the United States.

This breaks the record for the previous day only, with 3,850 patients hospitalized, and hospitalizations tend to increase almost every day after November 1.

LA County Health Director warned that on Monday, when hospitalizations were close to 3,000, the county could see statistics rising to 4,000 within two weeks.

State-wide coronavirus figures were not immediately available on Sunday.

Over 325,000 COVID-19 vaccines are heading to California.


Rome-Italy recorded 484 confirmed COVID-19 deaths on Sunday. This is one of the lowest daily deaths in about a month. However, according to a follow-up conducted by Johns Hopkins University, these recent deaths were sufficient to stave off British casualties, claiming to have caused the highest casualties in Europe in a pandemic.

Counting criteria differ between the two countries, and it is believed that many deaths were not found, especially early in the pandemic in Italy.

According to the Italian Ministry of Health on Sunday, Italy’s known death toll was 64,520. UK tolls were 64,267 as of Sunday night, according to Johns Hopkins data.

Italy has added about 18,000 coronavirus infections since the previous day, and the official national count has exceeded 1.84 million. The region that recorded the most new infections in the last 24 hours was the northern region of Veneto, which was far superior to its neighbor Lombardy in its first surge last spring.


Algeria, Algeria-The President of Algeria, still recovering from COVID-19, suddenly reappeared nearly two months after the public eye.

President Abdel Majid Theboon said in a video message on Sunday that it may still take weeks before he is strong enough to return to the country of North Africa. He became ill and set out for treatment in Germany in late October. Prior to his 4:54 video message, his last public meeting was in mid-October, in a meeting with the French Foreign Minister.

The 75-year-old Teboon spoke clearly in the video and didn’t seem to be short of breath. But he is clearly losing weight.

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Latest: South Korea Opens Dozens of Free Virus Testing Sites

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