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Latest: Biden Congratulates Pelosi’s Nomination of Speakers

“We look forward to working with her on a common agenda with her and the Democratic leadership of the House of Representatives to keep COVID-19 under control and build a better economy,” Biden told the speaker. ..

Pelosi will be Biden’s most powerful ally on Capitol Hill for the next two years.

Democrats in California were nominated by praise because party members used a virtual conference triggered by a pandemic to elect leaders. Pelosi seemed to suggest that the next two years would be her last in a leadership post.

All members of the House of Representatives will vote for the speaker when the new parliament opens in early January, but the Democratic Party is the majority and Pelosi can win without a Republican vote.


Here’s what you need to know about Joe Biden’s move to the White House in the presidential election:

With President-elect Donald Trump’s refusal to work with his successor, President-elect Joe Biden prepares for an explosive public health threat and national security challenges that will be passed on in just nine weeks. We are forced to look for anomalous workarounds.

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-Democrats in the House of Representatives nominate Pelosi as a speaker to lead the Biden era

-Trump fires head of agency that guarantees 2020 voting security


What else is happening:

2:45 pm

President-elect Joe Biden said he hopes that Republicans in Congress will be more willing to send money to state and local governments after President Donald Trump resigns. When he takes office in January, he promises to prioritize such financing.

Biden suggested on Wednesday that the Republicans resisted the Democratic Party’s request for local funding as part of a pandemic bailout package “because of fear of retaliation from the president.”

“When he’s gone, we’ll have to be more willing to do what they know they should do to save the community they live in,” Biden said.

Comments were received as part of a virtual discussion hosted by Biden with leading healthcare professionals across the country.

The state faces huge financial shortages as a result of the loss of tax revenues associated with pandemics that can threaten local health systems, law enforcement, and education.

Democrats and Republicans in Congress generally say they need a new stimulus bill, but there is disagreement over how much money to pay to local governments.


12:10 pm

Vaccine maker Pfizer has already been in regular contact with President Joe Biden’s transition team as part of an ongoing effort to keep all stakeholders up-to-date on the coronavirus vaccine and its distribution. It states that it is.

“There is no political room in this process,” spokeswoman Sharon Castillo said.

Last Sunday, Biden Chief of Staff Ron Klain said the transition team will meet with Pfizer and other vaccine makers as President Donald Trump continues to stall the formal transition process to the new administration. It was.

Castillo said Wednesday that Pfizer maintains ongoing communication with key members of the Trump administration, governor and parliamentary parties. The Biden team is part of that effort.

Castillo states that Pfizer is “communication with both sides” during the transition.

Nothing has yet been announced about the formal meeting between Biden and the drug manager.

Latest: Biden Congratulates Pelosi’s Nomination of Speakers

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