Landry Shamet impressed Keynet long before the Clippers traded

Landry Shamet officially went online Thursday night, but I don’t think he hadn’t impressed the right people in the organization yet.

Kevin Durant not only praised Shamet in the 2019 Clippers-Warriors Playoffs series, but also fostered friendship and invited security guards to Nets’ extraordinary training at the Sports Academy earlier this month. And Shamet already knew that Steve Nash lived in the same neighborhood in Los Angeles.

After participating in a pickup game hosted by Durant and Kyrie Irving, Shamet is in Brooklyn preparing to actually participate in these two stars.

“It’s funny. I played a lot of pickups at the Mamba Sports Academy this fall,” said Shamet. “During the off-season, I was able to play, play against, and get to know these two guys.

“I’m excited. I like the way they both play. They both want to move, set screens and play in space. They aren’t selfish and are willing to pass. People. They are smart. My wheels spin about how I can get involved, how I can give those people shots, and how I can contribute. doing.”

Landry Shamet
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Durant praised Shamet after the Clippers rallied 31 points against the Golden State in Game 2 of the first round of 2019. But after the end of the second round of the past season, Shamet said it was a good sign that Nets were working together, with reports of poor chemistry.

“It’s a great start because they have a lot of guys in LA and they all pick up together every day,” said Shamet. “It’s best to know each other before the push rushes in and before things get really hard.”

Shamet claims that Durant has never hired him.

“No, I didn’t talk about teaming up,” Shamet said. “We are always talking and building good relationships. The entire playoff series with Golden State was a great place to build that relationship first. Then I meet him as it grows more and more. Every time. We were sending a text message, but we weren’t really talking about the deal. “

Its value is a young career 40.0% shooter from a deep and ambitious defender. Of course, Nash was already a fan. Or at least his son was.

“I lived in the Manhattan Beach / Hermosa Beach area of ​​Los Angeles. So did Steve. It was Christmas last year, I’m having dinner with my agent, Steve eating with his family. And he comes with his son, and he’s like this. A big fan. Can he take a picture? “

“I see him like,’Hey, I should ask you to take a picture with you.’ It was crazy. … Oh yeah, I met him there, and we had some relationship — and apparently talked to him when the trade fell. I’m excited. “

Shamet’s trading shows that the net is now in winning mode. With 19 playoffs, he is the most veteran of any rookie.

“Laundry played a big game. You’ve played in playoff games and when you’re that age, you’re a young man and you talk about volume,” said GM Sean Marks. “He’s obviously trusted elsewhere and isn’t shy about big moments. It goes back to the experience he’s already experienced, but adds more to that shooter. He’s very versatile. I think he’s also a defender. “

Landry Shamet impressed Keynet long before the Clippers traded

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