Lamar Alexander accuses angry tweets about the driving sector

Nashville, Tennessee — More than 40 years ago, Lamar Alexander wore a plaid shirt and hiking boots and won a ticket to the Governor’s mansion after walking over 1,000 miles (1,609 km) in Tennessee. He spent the night with 73 families and called the campaign headquarters from a pay phone.

Alexander, who served as CEO of the state for two terms before heading to Washington, is the third and last country to be increasingly divided by the COVID-19 pandemic, racism and law enforcement issues, and vitreous elections. Is about to end his term in the US Senate. Season.

In a recent interview with The Associated Press, wearing the same red and black plaid face mask he preferred as a young candidate, an 80-year-old Republican said he was President Donald Trump’s presidency. We talked about how we navigated.

Known as a dealmaker from a more collaborative bygone era, Alexander decides whether Trump is saying, doing, or reacting to tweeting. I spent the last year. His own priority.

Alexander wants many Democrats to “spend more time criticizing President Trump’s actions,” while many Republicans say he “(Barack) Obama’s liberal policy. I want to spend more time criticizing. “

“President Lincoln, when he got angry, he wrote a hot letter and put it in the drawer,” Alexander said. “Today, if the president gets angry, he tweets it to 72 million people and they put something out in the tweet. So this drives many divisions of the country. The blessing of internet democracy – If we want to unite the country and solve big problems in a way that most of us can accept, we will somehow tolerate it and find a way to live with it. “

Former U.S. Secretary of Education and two presidential candidates recently urged Trump’s team to begin a transition with Democratic president-elect Joe Biden because of the need to get the coronavirus vaccine distribution plan on track. did. Even before COVID-19, the Senate Health Commission chair opposed false information on vaccine controversy. This summer he also pressured Trump to wear masks more often to set an example for his followers.

Attorneys and businessmen helped draw the automotive industry to Tennessee as governor. Prior to being elected to the Senate in 2002, he was President of the University of Tennessee. Opposition alongside the Tea Party arose in the 2014 re-election, winning a 9-percent point victory in the Republican primary.

His most touted legislative victory isn’t really in the limelight of politicians. Copyright law changes to organize payments to songwriters in the digital age. Simplification of federal university aid applications. A law that cuts the backlog of maintenance in national parks, national forests and other public lands in half. National Institute funding; an educational method that empowers the state to decide how to evaluate teachers and schools using specific test results.

But at some particularly troublesome moments of the administration, Alexander was in the spotlight. Especially when the senator allowed witnesses and voted against Trump’s acquittal during the impeachment trial.

“For the impeachment, I said I thought he did it,” Alexander said. “It didn’t justify getting him out of the office.”

Alexander will retire at the end of his January term. Former US Ambassador to Japan Bill Hagerty eventually won a vacancy due to his pledge to support Mr. Trump and the president’s priorities. Hagati emerged from a rough primary election in which he and another Republican set fire over someone who was better in line with Trump. Alexander said the jury hadn’t yet considered how Hagati would get the job, but predicted he would be a “good senator.”

“A lot is said in the campaign, but it’s been going on for a long time. They have little to do with what happens after you win,” Alexander said. “So I think we have to wait.”

Alexander, who served in Biden and the Senate, said that focusing on uniting the country was “the very right message,” but Biden said he shouldn’t turn too far to the left. Senate Republicans can aim to thwart Biden’s priorities if they consider them too progressive. So far, key Senate Republicans have been silent about confirming Biden’s cabinet candidates.

“He has a good personality,” Alexander said of Biden. “He is loved by the Senates on both sides of the aisle. He listens a lot. He is familiar with leaders around the world. That is his strength. On the radical left-wing agenda. “

As the United States approaches the new presidency and the COVID-19 vaccine, Alexander says there is good reason for Americans to reject disinformation about both the coronavirus and elections.

He said, for example, the hand-counting of votes cast in the Georgia presidential election “should reassure the American people that the election is valid.”

In addition, Alexander said he hopes that the high efficacy and safety of the COVID-19 vaccine will outweigh the concerns. For those who don’t buy masks, he suggested talking to frontline workers.

“I stopped smoking when my doctor showed me a picture of the lungs of a person who died of lung cancer,” said Alexander. “I think you can convince people by talking to the nurses who are in contact with the people in the hospital who have died of COVID.”

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Lamar Alexander accuses angry tweets about the driving sector

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