Kyle Schwarber again at the Mets as the Nationals fill the gap in the NL East

Washington — At least Mets doesn’t have to look at Kyle Schwarber for another six weeks.

But the bigger question may be which of these two teams will be number one in the NL East when the Mets and Nationals are reconvened on August 10.

The population is growing rapidly and must clearly be seen as a threat. On Monday night, they used two home runs from Schwarber (and blew up five in total) in a Mets 8-4 defeat at Nationals Park. Schwarber’s latest power display hit seven home runs in the last three games against Mets.

Mets, who suffered his ninth defeat in 14 games, led NL East in three games in the National League. The Nationals won their 14th victory in 19 games, but will be tested over the next three weeks on a cruel schedule that includes the Rays, Dodgers, Padres and Giants.

Schwarber hit three home runs against Mets on Father’s Day, hitting two in Game 2 of the doubleheader the night before, and then afflicted Jerad Eickhoff with one and five blasts on Monday. Schwarber’s 15 home runs in June are a month’s Nationals record. Bryce Harper retained the previous club mark at 13. Schwarber joined Barry Bonds (2001) and Sammy Sosa (1998) as the only players to hit 15 home runs in a 17-game stretch.

Kyle Schwarber
Kyle Schwarber crosses the home plate after the first of two home runs on Monday night.

What Mets wouldn’t give to some of them. They received two points from Pete Alonso and Billy McKinney in the eighth inning this evening, reducing the deficit to 5-4. They were Jeff McNeil’s RBI singles and didn’t record their first run until the seventh.

Ryan Zimmerman freezes the game with a three-run home run against Miguel Castro after Travis Blankenhorn cuts in front of Francisco Lindeau on a shift and makes two errors with Starlin Castro’s grounder. I was allowed to.

34-year-old relief player Paolo Espino was forced to begin his Nationals mission the day after Erick Fedde was put on the injured list due to diagonal tension. Espino kept Mets to five hits in five shutout innings.

Eickhoff was confused early on, surrendering Homer to three of the first seven batters, but then settled down before allowing two runs. Overall, right-handed players continued 6 innings, allowing 8 hits in a single walk and 5 earned runs.

Schwarber, who led the Nationals game, struck a towering blast on the upper deck on the right. With his left fielder, Trea Turner hit the next pitch in the seat behind the Mets Bullpen, giving the Nationals a 2-0 lead. Juan Soto fired a shot from the fence in the center right, but was left behind as Eikhoff retired the next three batters.

Gerardo Parra returned the right-wing foul pole home and put Mets into the 3-0 hole. Eikhoff did not allow the next run until the fifth time Schwarber returned home. The Nationals won another run for the sixth time with Castro’s RBI single.

Kyle Schwarber again at the Mets as the Nationals fill the gap in the NL East

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