Kurt Russell’s Santa sequel is a mess

In 1990, Chris Columbus directed the unanimated Christmas movie “Home Alone,” which is arguably popular in the United States.

In 2020, he will return to America’s 479th most popular Christmas movie, The Christmas Chronicles 2. This is sadly consistent with lesser-known films such as “Percy Jackson and the Olympic Players: Lightning Thief” and “Beth I Love You”. Beth Cooper. It’s not as bad as “pixels” mercilessly.

Curiously, Columbus did not direct the 2018 movie that started the franchise, but starred Kurt Russell as a smoother, more physically fit Santa Claus. He jumped on the ship for the sequel to Crackpot. The original (owned by Clay Kaytis) was a standard issue (Santa lost all the presents, the kids helped him save Christmas, etc.), but it was far superior in terms of its simplicity. ..

In an unnecessarily long new film, a New Zealand-accented elf-turned man sends pierced children (Derby Camp, Judaluis, Jersey Bruno) back to the North Pole through a wormhole in Cancun. And that’s the normal part!

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell
Goldie Hawn and Kurt RussellJoe Rederer / fotojo

The elf, named Belsnickel (the origin of the character in German folklore does not bother the name so much) was set to hold the reins in the Arctic, but was banished and forced into the human body. ..

Currently, Belsnickel (Julian Dennison) is reading a line with his boss and Mrs. Klaus (Goldie Hawn) by stealing a star from the top of an Arctic tree and sending Santa back to Boston in 1990 using a time machine. ) To take revenge. As you do.

Derby camp, Goldie Hawn, Jersey Bruno.
Derby camp, Goldie Hawn, Jersey Bruno.JOSEPH LEDERER / NETFLIX

The side of the “Christmas Chronicles” action-adventure with sleigh chasing and reindeer fighting is cluttered. More fascinating is the real-world story, where the siblings dealing with the mother take their new lover seriously.

And when the sleigh lands in Boston, Santa and young Kate Pierce discover Logan Airport, which is full of miserable travelers. Russell then becomes a complete “Beetle Juice”, magically causing an angry crowd to play a song called “Christmas Spirit”. The revelation of this sequence is shamelessly sentimental, but moving.

The rest are the couple’s duo, Russell and Horn, standing in front of the green screen.

Kurt Russell’s Santa sequel is a mess

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