Kristen Schaal joins the “Secret Society Benedict Association”

Comedy veteran Kristen Schaal has a new experience at the Secret Society Benedict Society.

“This is the first time we’ve made any other source material available,” 43-year-old Schaal told The Post. Book Moreover Disney + It is a series base.

A whimsical family-friendly adventure series follows four orphans recruited by a mysterious boarding school known as the Institute. Here, Mr. Benedict, a Willy Wonka-style benefactor (Tony Hale) They need their help to thwart a global “emergency” with massive social depression and anxiety.

Kristen Schaal in second place "Secret Society Benedict Association"
Kristen Schaal as the second place in the “Secret Society Benedict Association”
Disney +

Schaal and Hale are joined by many eccentric staff such as Number Two (Schaal), Milligan (Ryan Hurst) and Rhonda (MaameYaa Boafo).

“I loved reading books,” Schaal said. “The fact that I was given a clue as to who number two was was great. I dug into the highlights. [traits] “Oh, she eats a lot, she never sleeps — what else!”

Tony Hale as Benedict "Secret Society Benedict Association."
Tony Hale as Mr. Benedict of the “Secret Society Benedict Association”.

“Ryan Hurst is very funny, and he’s like a comedy geek like me,” Shar said. “It was a revelation. We were filming in Canada and weren’t allowed to come and go, so we hired Tony Hale for our family. [because of the pandemic].. So he spent his vacation with my family. (Schaal is married to TV writer Rich Blomquist, who has a three-year-old daughter, Ruby.)

“This parallel timeline [in the show] It happens where the whole world is supporting itself for something bad to happen, “she said. “We understand what that means … but in our story everyone is threatened. And in the real world I lived in, everyone deals with a pandemic. Was compelled to do so.

“So it was really easy to play this role.”

Orphans adopted by the Institute: Kate (Emmy Deolibeira), Left, Rainey (Mystic Insho), Sticky (Seth Carr), Constance (Malta Timofiva), Right.
Orphans adopted by the Institute: Kate (Emmy Deolibeira), Left, Rainey (Mystic Insho), Sticky (Seth Carr), Constance (Malta Timofiva), Right.

Shar’s long comedy resume includes programs primarily for adults, such as “30 Rock,” “BoJack Horseman,” and “Bob’s Burgers,” so the “Secret Society Benedict Association” appealed to her. She said.

“This is one of the stories that they take their children into a special quality, their innocence, and make it their superpower. I thought it was really special and I sympathized with it. [a project] If it’s unique, weird and quirky. I once liked indie shorts about women who fell in love with the microwave. “Yes, sign up!” I will do anything amazing when you are surprised. “

Maame Yaa Boafo as Rhonda "Secret Society Benedict Association."
Maame Yaa Boafo as Ronda of the “Secret Society Benedict Association”.

Shar’s career dates back to the late 90’s, but there is one of her most frequently recognized series.

“Surprisingly, it’s Flight of the Conchords 10 years ago, but I’ve never died,” she said of the HBO comedy. “It’s cult and pretty cool, and when I was in Toronto a few years ago, I was admitted because” the last man on earth “was one of their streamers,” she said. Talked about the Fox comedy that co-starred on the other side of Will Forte. “People loved it in a way I never felt in America. You need to email the cast, like,” What do you guys think? There are a lot of people here who like shows! ” had.

“It’s always a surprise to resonate,” she said. “I just don’t know what tickles people.”

Kristen Schaal joins the “Secret Society Benedict Association”

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