Kobe Bryant inspires “come to me in a dream”

Lamar Odom is inspired by Kobe Bryant, an unlikely source of information.

Brian’s former teammate Told TMZ Sports The legend of the Lakers who died says, “Come to me in a dream.”

“”[He’s] I’m just talking to me all the time, “Odom said. “‘Do your best. Keep fighting.’ Lots of s–t.”

Lamar Odom on the left says Kobe Bryant “comes to me in a dream.”
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Odom, 42, said dreams usually include playing basketball, including games. The two played with the Lakers in 2004-11 and have been nearby since then. Brian died tragically in a helicopter crash in 2020, but Odom has been tackling the problem of substance abuse.

Odom, who has a Bryant tattoo on his neck, said he is still inspired by his friends.

“It’s crazy,” he said. “That’s why I also love to go back to LA. I feel him.”

Lamar Odom, left, Kobe Bryant
Lamar Odom (left) and Kobe Bryant have won two championships together.
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Brian won two rings with Odom in 2009 and 2010. Odom was also the League’s Sixman of the Year in 2011, and Bryant lost to the Celtics in the 2008 MVP that led the Lakers to the finals. ..

“His spirit, it’s very strong,” Odom said. “To me, he doesn’t seem to be that far, especially when you dream of someone and they talk to you in that dream, you will definitely remember it.”

Kobe Bryant inspires “come to me in a dream”

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