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She also suggests waiting to buy autumn and winter clothes. They could be released later in the season — and the kids might have grown up by then anyway. “You don’t have to rush to get it all at once,” she says. For example, jeans tend to go on sale in October. McDaniel advises that if you save a run list of what you need and size on your mobile phone, you’ll have access to your transactions when you find them.

Secure inventory when discount is displayed

Due to the pandemic burden in the supply chain, Field says retailers are running out of standard items that children may need, such as binders, backpacks, and notebooks. “I will shop earlier this year,” he advises. If you see a discount, you don’t have to wait to take advantage of it, as it may run out soon or be restocked at a higher price. He also noticed that new semester sales began earlier this year, probably as a result of Amazon Prime Day in June.

Alissa Davis, a parent and first-year teacher at Indianapolis, says she found a deal by buying glue sticks, paper, pencils and other items in bulk and slowly using them up throughout the school year. “It’s convenient to have a project because you don’t know when you need to work on it at home. You can buy it in bulk and expand it over the next year or two,” she says.

Davis, who also shares tips on her website,, Says you don’t have to wait until you get a supplementist. She buys when she sees the discount. “We monitor sales because we can predict some things he needs or wants,” she suggests. Some stores offer bundled products at discounted prices, but they may also contain additional products that you don’t need. Similarly, schools may offer supply bundles that parents can purchase, but they may be able to pay for their purchase sales.

Kimberly Palmer: New Semester Shopping Lessons for 2021 | Lifestyle

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