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Kimberly Karnahan accused of minor sex and crashed car

Olive HurstKimberly Karnahan, a California woman, has been detained after a sheriff official said she had crashed her car into a tree while having sex with a minor colleague.

by Sacramento’s Fox series KTXLKimberly Carnahan faces multiple accusations in connection with alleged minor car accidents.

She was detained last week.

Karnahan has been involved in sexual intercourse with minors, oral mating with minors under the age of 18, oral mating with the threat of retaliation, and the delivery of harmful substances to minors and the number of witness threats. Facing

A woman in Olivhurst was arrested last Thursday after a detective learned that her car had hit a tree for sexual intercourse with a minor.

Sheriff’s Office: Olivehurst’s female car crashes into a tree while engaging in sexual intercourse with a minor

Kimberly Karnahan was scheduled to hold another hearing this week on minor sexual claims.

It was not immediately clear whether women had lawyers who could comment on prosecutions and allegations. She was arrested last week with a bail of $ 100,000.

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by ABC10The sheriff’s office began an investigation last week after receiving a report of “a minor who was sexually assaulted by an adult.”

The victim’s mother told police that her son had a sexual relationship with an adult colleague at work. It was later identified as Karnahan.

The minor’s mother told police that her son “had a sexual relationship with a colleague.” The next day, a detective in Sutter County arrested Olivehurst’s 30-year-old Kimberly Karnahan.

A woman arrested for having sex with a minor in Sutter County

The minor also reportedly told police one day that Kimberly Karnahan smashed into a tree while they were having sex in the car.

When questioned by police, Karnahan admitted sexual relations and was transferred to Sutter County Jail.

The Sacramento Bee reported The authorities have not disclosed where the two worked or the exact age of the underage boy.

The outlet said Karnahan had acquitted all charges.

Sheriffs have not disclosed where Karnahan and the minors worked, or the age of the minors.

Satter, a woman accused of having a sexual relationship with a minor colleague, says

The bee reported a formal accusation against Kimberly Karnahan on Monday in connection with alleged gender of a minor.

The woman will return to court on July 7 for another hearing on this issue.

CBS News Sacramento reported Karnahan remains in jail instead of bail.

Sutter County officials continue to investigate suspicious and illegal relationships between adult women and minor boys.

The detective arrested 30-year-old Olivehurst-based Kimberly Karnahan on Thursday, saying he had found evidence to support the boy’s explanation.

Olivhurst woman, 30 years old, suspected of having a sexual relationship with a minor

Kimberly Karnahan accused of minor sex and crashed car

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