Khamzat Chimaev “thought he would die” in complications of COVID-19

Khamzat Chimaev thought he would die when he fought the coronavirus, his manager said.

The battle with 26-year-old Leon Edwards has been canceled for the third time as it has not yet fully recovered.

The pair was first set up to fight on December 19th before Edwards tested positive for the coronavirus.

Rescheduled on January 20th at the main event mid-week, Chimaev was excluded in COVID-19.

And because Chimaev isn’t strong enough to fight yet, the date of March 13 was abolished.

His manager, Majidi Shanmas, has revealed the extent of the UFC star’s illness.

In the video Posted by the YouTube channel on Frontkick Online, Shammas said:

“He wanted to train. We tried but failed, he was really bad.

“He didn’t go straight for two rounds, he did one round and then took a break.

“He started coughing and felt sick again and we had to cancel the training. He went to the hospital by ambulance.”

Before he added, “When he called me, he thought he would die.”

Shanmas confirmed that Chimaev would not be trained again until he was fully recovered.

He states: “He needs to rest a little and get his body fully functional. Then he can start training again. Some things are not up to him.

“Sometimes you have to intervene and say exactly what it is. You can’t train him.

“Do you know? This time he started training, he was lucky (it wasn’t bad).

“Next time he may not be so lucky. I’m not going to take that risk. It doesn’t matter.”

Dana White has nominated 26-year-old Chimaev as one of the top three fighters to watch in 2021.

He won two wins in 10 days at Fight Island in July and won the stardom in 2020.

Chimaev set an undefeated record when he knocked out Gerald Marshard in the UFC Vegas 11 in the first round.

But fans will have to wait a little longer to see Chechnya-Sweden in action again.

Meanwhile, Edwards called Nate Diaz on behalf of Chimaev in the UFC Fight Night 187.

However, Diaz cheerfully ridiculed Edwards with the infamous “f–k is the man” Conor McGregor meme.

Khamzat Chimaev “thought he would die” in complications of COVID-19

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