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Kevin McCarthy: Joe Biden bribery charges ‘rise to level of impeachment inquiry’

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy On Monday night, he brought up a “private talk” on allegations of currency corruption involving the president Biden and his son Hunter.

Speaking on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” the California Republican said recently unearthed FBI documents about possible foreign bribery and corroborating bank records are game-changing.

“This has risen to the level of an impeachment inquiry,” he said.

Mr. McCarthy It also summoned the specter of the first ever U.S. president to resign under a cloud of corruption and abuse of power.

“This president has also used the weaponization of the government to the benefit of his family, necessary for the investigation of allegations of corruption, something we haven’t seen since Richard Nixon deny congressional oversight,” he said.

Mr. McCarthy He has never spoken publicly about his impeachment. Biden. Some Republican lawmakers are discussing Trump’s impeachment. Bidenbut they were not from the legislative leadership team, but the party’s rear members.

“We believe we will follow through to the end and will be brought to an impeachment inquiry in the manner prescribed by the Constitution,” he said.

A conversation with host Sean Hannity centered around Biden It is an alleged FBI “1023” investigation into a foreign businessman who alleges his family used shell companies to transfer foreign currency and bribed the Bidens.

“If they really ran [their business] “Why didn’t other countries get money from rivals like China and corrupt Eastern European countries instead of France, Germany and Britain,” he said. McCarthy Said.

Mr. McCarthy It also noted that the IRS’ “some of the most trusted whistleblowers” claimed: hunter biden Tax litigation was a classic example of political protection. Kevin McCarthy: Joe Biden bribery charges ‘rise to level of impeachment inquiry’

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