“Kevin Can F ** k Himself” is a bitter take of the classic family sitcom

Queue the laughing truck.

The stereotypical muddy Sitcom wife is in close-up on the new edgy show “Kevin Can F ** k Himself.”

Premiered at AMC on Sunday (9 pm), dark comedy follows Allison (her first role Annie Murphy) “Schitt’s Creek” Post), Her chunky boy’s husband, Kevin (Eric Petersen), a long-suffering wife who rolls her eyes, makes a clown with his friends.

So far, it’s very typical in this genre. However, “Kevin Can F ** k Himself,” a riff on the popular CBS show “Kevin Can Wait,” starring Kevin James and ending in 2018, is turning its head on recent Sitcom conventions.

To do that, the show shows familiar scenes such as punch lines, Kevin’s barbaric plans for Alison to tidy up his family, laughter trucks, and more, the camera chases Alison when she’s alone. The natural and dramatic atmosphere alternates. Show her frustration.

Fluffy Sitcom husband Kevin (Eric Petersen), right, and his long-suffering wife Alison (Annie Murphy)
“Kevin can F ** k himself,” said fluffy sitcom husband Kevin (Eric Petersen), left, and his long-suffering wife Allison (Annie Murphy).
Jojo Wilden / AMC

“For me, the format switch [jumping between sitcom and drama] This is a metaphor for the benefit of doubt that we have given Kevin forever, “creator Valerie Armstrong told Post.

“They can roam with their little sitcom audience laughing and cheering, and they don’t have to deal with the consequences of their whimsical and entertaining behavior. Others around them. Everyone does. It is the man who is destroyed by his awakening and never looks back, he has to deal with it, and then the woman is called Nagy. “

Kevin's friends Neil (Alex Bonifer), right, Kevin (Eric Petersen) and Allison (Annie Murphy), left "Kevin can F ** k himself"
Kevin’s friends Neil (Alex Bonifer), left, Kevin (Eric Petersen) and Allison (Annie Murphy), right.
Jojo Wilden / AMC

Armstrong, 31, was the first TV screenwriter and first TV creator to come up with the idea for the series while listening to a podcast. “JV Club with Janet Bernie.”

“These two female comedians talked about how to go out for Sitcom’s wife each year. [roles] And they are always told, “We need a funny woman for this. You will make a joke for this!” And they [scripts] And their line is just prepared for the men in the room, “Armstrong said.

“And I said,’We are still Are you doing this? how? ‘”

Annie Murphy, as Allison, flashes two blurry middle fingers on the camera "Kevin can F ** k himself."
Allison (Annie Murphy) is fed up with her life with “Kevinkan F ** k himself”.
Jojo Wilden / AMC

For Armstrong, the answer was clear — create a show focused on your wife.

“The first image arrived at me with a woman in the living room of Sitcom with her husband … when she entered the kitchen and suddenly we saw her up close, it was very different. It looks. Something hasn’t necessarily changed from her living room to the kitchen — it’s that we’re finally paying attention to her, “she said of her early thoughts.

The show is set in Worcester, Massachusetts, but Armstrong initially wanted to be based in his hometown of Milford, Connecticut.

“But when people hear Connecticut, they think it’s a fantasy,” she said. “Not so, but I knew I didn’t have that shorthand, and I remembered Worcester, the birthplace of my brother’s college roommate. He was completely Something backwards He still had this great pride and love for the place. “

It chorded what she was trying to do. “I thought it was a great place to set this up. [show], There is this bright and shiny veneer, but underneath it is this rot. “

Armstrong had not seen “Kevin Can Wait”, but infamously killed Kevin (Kevin James)’s wife, Donna (Erin Hayes). In 2018 viewer turmoil and controversial storm — She grew up looking at many of her small screen predecessors.

Erin Hayes as Donna on CBS Sitcom and Kevin James as Kevin "Kevin can wait."
Erinn Hayes as Donna and Kevin James as Kevin on CBS’s sitcom “Kevin Can Wait”.
© CBS / Provided by: Everett Collectio

“When I was a kid, I saw a lot of’King of Queens’. I saw’Family Matters’,’ Frasier’,’ Friends’ and’Home Improvement’. I grew up to love Sitcom. From the time I came up with the idea for this show, Jill of “Remodeling” came back wondering if it was miserable. “

Tim Allen as Tim and Patricia Richardson as wife Jill "Home repair"
Tim Allen as Tim and Patricia Richardson as his wife Jill talk about “remodeling.”
Courtesy Everett Collection

However, while it is possible to cut like “Kevin Can F ** k Himself”, Armstrong said scrutinizing other shows is not the goal.

“We’re not here to make fun of this genre,” she said. “Everyone really respects and loves it, but you love something and you can still cause problems.”

“Kevin Can F ** k Himself” is a bitter take of the classic family sitcom

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