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Kavanaugh and Roberts lacked a “backbone” in their vax mission

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said Supreme Court judges John Roberts and Brian Kabanau lacked a “backbone” to fail to defeat the Vaccination obligations of the Byden administration’s health care workers.

In two decisions on Thursday, the Supreme Court of the State is in the Biden administration Obligation of COVID-19 vaccine for large companiesHowever, he upheld its mission to most healthcare professionals.

Roberts and Kavanaugh endorsed the court’s liberal judges and upheld five to four health care workers’ vaccination obligations.

“Honestly, Roberts and Kavanaugh didn’t have the backbone of that decision. That’s just a conclusion,” DeSantis said. Right-wing podcast Ruthless episode..

DeSantis said Florida does not enforce vaccination obligations for health care workers. He believes this will set aside nurses with innate immunity to COVID-19.

The Supreme Court ruled against the Biden administration’s vaccination obligations on large corporations, but upheld the obligations on health care workers.
Erinshaf / AP, Pool, New York Times via File

“In other states, we have fired unvaccinated nurses. Many of them have innate immunity from previous infections, so they actually bring COVID-positive nurses back to work. They are vaccinated, but we know that it hasn’t stopped … Meanwhile, unvaccinated, probably immune from previous infections, healthy nursing The teacher is on the sidelines, will you be fired? “Desantis said.

DeSantis has Kavanaugh and Roberts "There was no backbone for that decision."
DeSantis argued that Kavanaugh and Roberts “did not have the backbone of that decision.”
Erinshaf / New York Times via AP, Pool

DeSantis also fired at Anthony Fauci, the president’s chief medical adviser. He initially denied to Congress what the National Institutes of Health had. Funding for gain-of-function research on bat coronavirus Later, before, in Wuhan, China Admit and defend it..

“Fauci funded them at the Wuhan Institute, and he lied about it. And why isn’t he charged with lying to Congress?” DeSantis asked.

Kavanaugh and Roberts lacked a “backbone” in their vax mission

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