Katie Couric admits to editing RBG’s kneeling comments

Katie Couric admitted in a 2016 interview that she declined Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s toughest comment on kneeling during the national anthem.

The edits were made to “protect” the late Supreme Court judge, Courik wrote in a memoir obtained by the post. she”Go thereWas released on October 26, and Gimberg, who was 83 at the time of the interview, felt that he might not fully understand what Coolick was looking for in her. First reported by the Daily Mail..

She was “elderly and probably didn’t understand the question,” Courik explained on page 500. Biography of Scorched Earth No safe colleagues, ex-boyfriends or acquaintances from previous “today” hosts Brutal scoring..

During the final interview News published by Yahoo! According to Courik, Gimberg was included, who said she believed that not standing between the national anthems as a protest was “stupid and rude.”

Not supporting the national anthem is “an insult to the government that allowed parents and grandparents to lead a decent life … probably couldn’t live where they were born … as they grew older, they did this. Was a youthful stupidity, and that’s why education is so important, “Gimberg told Coolick at the time. “I think it’s terrible, but I don’t lock people in to do it. I’d like to point out how ridiculous it seems to me to do that. “

Kulik’s memoir “Going There” will be released later this month.

Courik is a “big fan of RBG” and feels she’s protecting her, and writes in the book that comments are likely to involve her. Gimberg’s complete idea on this issue.

Similarly, the day after the interview, a Supreme Court spokeswoman sent an email to Coolick, stating that Gimberg was “misunderstood” and demanding that her comments on the matter be removed from the work. Kulik finally did almost as they requested.

Katie Couric admits to editing RBG’s kneeling comments

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