Justin Timberlake apologizes for the viral beat ya feet dance

Justin Timberlake seeks fan forgiveness The video he is dancing is now viral For all the wrong reasons.

The singer of “Cry Mea River” apologized to Washington DC in an Instagram story after fans compared his attempts at famous places in the area. Hit the yafeet dance He did it on stage Something at the water music festival To him playing hokey pokey.

“DC, I’d like to apologize for two reasons. Here and here,” Timberlake said, panning to his feet.

“I had a long talk with both of them individually,” he said of his two seemingly left legs. “And I warned,’Never do it again.'”

For his now infamous performance, Timberlake wore casual khaki pants, orange sneakers, and green button-downs for his performance.

“Maybe it was khaki. It was a real khaki atmosphere,” he recalled Wednesday.

Timberlake promised to bring “SexyBack” and spend some time on footwork.

“I love you,” he smiled and ended the video.

Justin Timberlake announced an apology after his dance moves became viral for all wrong reasons.
Justin Timberlake / Instagram; Wire

Fans weren’t very impressed when the video began to spread on social media.

“JT not only said” hit the foot “, but also proceeded to the river dance and skipped. If you can’t get off the stage, boys ” Mocked one Twitter user..

“Justin Timberlake started playing Hokey pokey, saying,’DC has beaten your foot.'” Another note..

Fans compared his famous expressions "Defeat YaFeet" He danced to Hokey pokey on stage at the SomethingintheWater Music Festival.
Fans compared his famous Beat Ya Feet dance rendition on stage at the Something in the Water Music Festival with Hokey pokey.
"Maybe it was khaki," He said.
“Maybe it was khaki,” he said.
Justin Timberlake / Instagram

“Justin Timberlake’s DC pass will be revoked until further notice.” Wrote another person..

The festival will take place on Independence Avenue in Washington from June 17th to June 19th. Technical problem.. Apparently confused, the performances didn’t happen on time and a lot of traffic came in.

Justin Timberlake apologizes for the viral beat ya feet dance

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