Julian Assange’s fiancé says WikiLeaks publisher is suffering in prison and asks Biden to intervene

WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Depression and despair are driven by staying trapped in the UK in an ongoing effort he In a trial in the United States his fiance, Stella MorrisSaid on Saturday.

MS. Morris I spoke to a reporter outside the Belmarsh prison in London. Assange Since then, he has been imprisoned for over two years. She And two boys visited him. Assange For the first time in a few months.

“”he I was happy to see the children heI’m suffering there. ” Morris.. “It’s a tough, scary place.”

Mr. AssangeAustralians have been charged with related crimes during the Trump administration WikiLeaks, Website stealing secrets he Performed, including a number of spies and plots to hack the computer.

The US Department of Justice has requested that he be handed over to Britain. Assange Less than his Arrested two years ago. The request was rejected by a British judge in January, but the Biden administration appealed.

MS. Morris The Biden administration has shown “a sign that it wants to project its commitment to the First Amendment,” saying that the “only logical step” is for the president to resign from the prosecution.

“have Julian Faced with surrender, Britain deteriorates and poses a threat to Britain’s freedom. And they need to revisit this situation and end it. JulianLife is at stake.And he May lose his life.Not because of his I’m depressed, but because they’re driving he Depression, deep depression, and despair. ” Morris..

“It’s not safe he Jeez, he Must be at home his family” Morris Said.

Mr. Assange, 49, established WikiLeaks In 2006. his A site of classified U.S. military and diplomatic materials that was notoriously published during the Obama administration that began in 2010. he I was billed later.

Fearing that the leak could be handed over to the United States, he said. Assange In 2011, he sought asylum in Ecuador and spent about seven years shielded in the London embassy building.When did the residence end he He was deported in April 2019 and a US complaint was announced. he Since then, he has been imprisoned by Belmarsh.

MS. Morris, A 38-year-old lawyer met him. Assange on the other hand he Living in the embassy, ​​the couple later became pregnant with two children there. Currently 4 and 2 years old. Their visit to prison was nine years after him. Assange Enter the embassy She The British Press Association said it reported on Saturday.Remaining She The remark was caught in the video, share Online by another UK outlet, The Independent.

“The situation is completely intolerable, grotesque, and we can’t keep it going,” he said. Morris Said about Mr AssangeMental Health, Press Association reported.

Mr. Assange If you are handed over and convicted of all charges, you face the possibility of spending decades in a US prison. he Insist he Acting as a journalist and innocent, Washington claims it isn’t.

Earlier, a group of two dozen members of the Diet wrote to President Biden last week when President Biden visited Europe for the first time and asked him to withdraw his government proceedings. Assange..

The White House did not respond when asked about the request. Jen Psaki, a spokesman, previously said that decisions regarding the Assange case would be made by the Justice Department, not the White House.

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Julian Assange’s fiancé says WikiLeaks publisher is suffering in prison and asks Biden to intervene

Source link Julian Assange’s fiancé says WikiLeaks publisher is suffering in prison and asks Biden to intervene

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