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Judge’s Rules Homeless must leave UWS hotel

From New York-After weeks of court battles, state judges said more than 200 homeless men could be moved from the Lucerne Hotel on the Upper West Side to another hotel in Downtown. This is a clear victory for the De Blasio administration.

This decision means that a homeless man who has been staying at the Lucerne Hotel since July may move to the Radison Hotel on downtown William Street in time for Thanksgiving. Sources told NY1 that downtown New Yorkers, a group that tried to block the move, would immediately appeal. They wanted to appear in court on Wednesday afternoon.

For weeks, lawyers have been arguing in state court over whether about 235 men from the Lucerne Hotel should be moved downtown. The De Blasio administration has announced that men will move in September after residents of the Upper West Side have complained for weeks about the deterioration of their quality of life. Residents of those Upper West Sides claimed they had witnessed outdoor drug sales, fights, and public lewdness for men.

The mayor said he would move them downtown because the residents threatened to file a proceeding.

It caused another big fire in Lower Manhattan, where neither the inhabitants wanted men to be detained. So they took the city to court. He claimed that if three men from Lucerne were involved in the proceedings and were forced to move from the Upper West Side to the downtown, they would suffer irreparable damage.

In her long-awaited decision on Wednesday, Judge Debra James of the Supreme Court of Manhattan said the residents of Lower Manhattan were “not in a position to challenge the relocation of residents from the Lucerne Hotel to the Radison Hotel.” I completely rejected it.

She also said the Lucerne man had no incidents.

Her decision states: “… The intervening resident does not have the right to choose his or her temporary placement. Therefore, such parties have a ripe dissatisfaction with consideration because they have not suffered any recognizable harm under the law. The court lacks jurisdiction over the subject matter, and the premature proceedings of the intervening parties must be dismissed. “

It was unclear when Project Renewal, a non-profit organization that operates the Lucerne Hotel and operates a new shelter in downtown, would evict men on Wednesday afternoon.

Observers told NY1 that the decision was bittersweet. While some did not want to see men move out of Lucerne, the decision to support a community group trying to expel shelters from their neighborhood could set a dangerous precedent. Their block.

Judge’s Rules Homeless must leave UWS hotel

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