Judge hears arguments challenging New York’s new gun laws

Lawyers challenging provisions of New York’s new gun control law say the state restricts people from carrying weapons in too many places, telling a federal judge on Thursday that the rule will end in Manhattan. He said it would affect not only the people on the busy streets of the city, but also the upstate pastor on his church property.

The debate took place at Syracuse Judge Glenn Sudderby’s hearing when he decided whether to temporarily suspend the provision of the law pending federal challenges to its constitutionality. was broken.

Gov. Kathy Hochul and fellow Democrats in Congress said this summer that the U.S. Supreme Court would pass a state law that said you must demonstrate an unusual threat to security in order to be licensed to carry a handgun outside your home. approved this law shortly after revoking the .

Widespread state legislation approved after the High Court’s so-called Brune ruling includes, as of September 1, schools, airports, public parks, bars, and bustling Times Square, famous for the new York City.

“Bruen was supposed to expand the Second Amendment to anyone who could legally do it before 9/1. New York took the opposite approach. Sealed it tightly.” Attorney Stephen Stamboury argued.

Stamboulieh represents six gun owners in upstate New York, including an Oswego County pastor who has had a carry permit since 2014. Armed with the church he lives in and the associated parsonage.

James Thompson of the state attorney general’s office suggested that whether a church parsonage counts as a significant location is an unresolved legal issue.

Later, when Sadaby asked if the state could ban Mann from bringing weapons into the church, Thompson replied:

The lawsuit also challenges training requirements that require new Concealed Carry applicants to provide a list of previous and current social media accounts for the past three years.

Suddaby will decide whether to issue a temporary restraining order under the provisions of law. Several federal lawsuits are pending against New York’s gun control laws. But Sadabi has already pointed to potential constitutional problems with the new law when adjudicating an earlier lawsuit that was dismissed because plaintiffs were found to lack legitimacy.

Most of the plaintiffs in this lawsuit have carrying licenses and argue that the law prohibits them from bringing weapons into designated classified or restricted areas, such as state parks. One plaintiff intends to apply for a carry permit, but is unwilling to share social media posts or character references with the government, according to the federal complaint.

New York is one of six states whose gun control provisions have been struck down by the Supreme Court.

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