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Journalists call NYCPBA an “armed political organization”

New York — On Tuesday night, Senator Michael Janaris called the Police Charity Association an “armed political organization.”

Comments were made in the afternoon Twitter turmoil after Democratic Senator Kevin Thomas declared victory on Monday and Janaris stabbed the union. .. Thousands of absentee votes have favored the Democratic Party.

“Hey @ NYCPBA, see @ KevinThomasNY’s reelection and the 100% Democratic Senate delegation to Nassau! You should do a better job, worrying about the members’ money,” Janaris tweeted.

The PBA, who spent $ 1 million to defeat Thomas, told journalists to look over his shoulder.

In an interview with NY1, Janaris called the tweet a threat.

“It’s certainly not something that should be created by a group representing more than 30,000 people who are armed and have permission to shoot guns throughout the city. The union really lost its direction and was off track. I think it’s off, “said Queens Democratic Senator. Inside the city hall Anchor Errol Lewis.

He said that even if the PBA meant tweets as a political threat rather than a physical threat, it was a threat from a union of armed police officers.

In response to Janaris’ comments on NY1, PBA President Patrick Lynch said in a statement: “Senator Janaris and the company are pretending to be ignorant. They know they’re looking over the shoulders of Senate Democratic Council anti-cops, voters tired of the pre-crime agenda. PBA Continue to fight politicians who turn their backs on their members and the people we serve. “

Critics are wondering why PBA has invested so much money in races that weren’t even in New York City. PBA makes money from donations, but also receives dues from members. Union dues salaries are ultimately paid by New York City taxpayers. According to the PBA, about 3,000 of its members live in the Long Island area of ​​Thomas.

A source told NY1 in October that the police union was angry with Thomas because he promised not to vote for the abolition of a law known as 50-a that protects police disciplinary records from the public. After the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May, after a clash between police and demonstrators, lawmakers resolved to abolish 50 people. Proponents have been pushing for its abolition for decades. Thomas wasn’t the only senator to vote for it.

After all, a democratic majority?

Like many Democrats in New York, journalists are now happy with the party’s position after disappointing the results of the election night face-to-face vote. Initially, Democrats seemed to lose seats in the state legislature or at least be denied the opportunity to make up the majority in the state Senate.

Currently, hundreds of thousands of absentee votes are counted, and those votes are broken primarily for Democrats. Democrats are ahead in many races. Watching six state Senate races undecided as of Tuesday night, Janaris, the deputy majority leader of the state Senate, told NY1 that the party is likely to increase its majority to at least 42 seats. Told.

If that happens, the party will secure a majority that allows the veto issued by the governor to be revoked. Doing so could open the door for Democrats to set progressive priorities that Cuomo opposes, such as taxing millionaires and millionaires, assuming the Democrats did not dissolve. there is. The Democratic Party already has a majority in the state legislature.

When asked if the Democratic Party plans to take some of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s expanded power, the parliament assigned to him to respond quickly during the pandemic is the number of senators While waiting to confirm, he said he expected it to “reclaim himself.”

“I think things have changed a lot this year, and we’re still in an emergency because it’s related to a pandemic, but we have a little more sense of how to handle it. And I expect Congress to reassert itself — working with the governor, “Gianaris said. “He has done a lot right. We are happy to work with him to keep doing those things. And in areas we disagree with, we are certainly ourselves. Claim yourself. “

Some experts suspect that a super-majority-armed legislature could lose seats in the 2022 state elections if it passes many items on the progressive wishlist, such as wealth taxes. I will. When asked if the party would ease the demand with such a large tent of various interests, State Senator reiterated that he still thinks taxes are popular throughout the state.

“I am very supportive of taxing the wealthy to help us overcome the budget crisis,” he said. “It’s incredibly popular. It’s popular in New York City, in the north, and in the suburbs. It’s popular with Democrats, Independents, and Republicans.”


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Journalists call NYCPBA an “armed political organization”

Source link Journalists call NYCPBA an “armed political organization”

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