Joshua Wong and two others plead guilty to Hong Kong protest in 2019

November 23 – Joshua Wong and two other prominent Hong Kong democratic activists pleaded guilty on Monday for their involvement in the summer 2019 protests.

Wong, Agnes Chow and Lee Wan Lam were found guilty and sentenced to three years in prison prior to next week’s sentence, according to the Hong Kong Free Press.

The trio pleaded guilty to protesters surrounding police headquarters in connection with a June 2019 demonstration in opposition to police atrocities. Protesters went out to the streets that summer in opposition to the controversial expulsion bill, but rallies and marches intensified in response to violent police crackdowns.

Wong, who had previously been sentenced to his activity, told reporters before going to court on Monday that they would plead guilty to the indictment and expect him to be imprisoned prior to the sentence. Told.

“We will continue to fight for freedom, and now is not the time for us to kowtow to Beijing and surrender,” he said.

Wong pleaded guilty to instigating and organizing an unauthorized rally, Ram pleaded guilty to instigating, and Chow pleaded guilty to inciting others to attend an illegal rally in July. ..

on twitter Mr Wong said he had decided to plead guilty after talking to a lawyer on Sunday, but did not say why he decided to do so.

“Cages may trap our bodies, but there is never our unwavering soul,” he said. “One day, our indomitable spirit will come back and bring us back together.”

Chow said on Facebook Sunday that he was ready to go to jail.

“If I was sentenced to imprisonment this time, I was in jail for the first time in my life,” she said. “I’m mentally ready, but I’m still a little scared.”

The trio’s guilty plea arose amid growing concerns from Western nations about China’s treatment of Hong Kong.

Last week, the Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand called on China to abolish a new law allowing disqualification of lawmakers for so-called non-patriotic acts. Earlier this month, four politicians were removed from the bill and all remaining democratic lawmakers resigned in protest.

Following China in July, the new law enforced a strict national security law in Hong Kong that caused anger for human rights groups and the international community.

China has been repeatedly criticized for trying to interfere with its domestic affairs.

Joshua Wong and two others plead guilty to Hong Kong protest in 2019

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