Josh Donaldson of the Yankees: “Jackie” has been a joke for many years

Tensions have boiled between Josh Donaldson and Tim Anderson since last week, but the feud changed on Saturday when the White Sox claimed that the Yankees slugger made racist comments on Anderson. I did.

Donaldson later admitted Yankees 7-5 wins Bronx, who jokingly called Anderson “Jackie,” said that, as in the past, Anderson referred to the 2019 Sports Illustrated story of himself as “Jackie Robinson of the day.” He said.

Donaldson claimed that the two had laughed at it before, Black Anderson didn’t think it was a joke Saturday. He said Donaldson asked him, “What’s wrong, Jackie?” Multiple times.

“If something changes [2019], My meaning of it is not any term for trying to be a racist by the facts in question, “Donaldson said. “He called himself shortly after the interview. He said he had joked about it before. He laughed at everything.”

But Anderson wasn’t laughing on Saturday.

Tim Anderson (left) said that when the Yankees defeated the White Sox 7-5, Josh Donaldson (right) jokingly called Jackie Robinson’s Anderson “Jackie”. So, I was stopped by Jose Abreu.
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“I don’t play that way,” Anderson said. “It happened when he first got on, and I let it go then, and it happened again. It just wasn’t asked …. I never sleep this Let’s do it. “

By Saturday evening, Major League Baseball had investigated the issue and had spoken to all parties, according to sources. Discipline may be inherited, depending on the results of that investigation.

Donaldson said he called Anderson “Jackie” in his first inning on Saturday to spread the situation after his temperament burned between the two last weekend in Chicago. When White Sox catcher Yasmani Grandal had a long confrontation with Donaldson on the plate and the bench and bullpen were cleared, they made jokes again on Saturday three and five times.

“Obviously he thought it was rude,” said Donaldson. “See, if he did, I apologize. That’s not what I was trying to do at all. That’s what really happened.”

Before Donaldson gave reporters his side of the story, Yankees manager Aaron Boone gave “some stories” about what White Sox manager Tony La Russa claimed to be a racist comment. I said I heard it, but I was still trying to reach the bottom of it.

Donaldson later said he explained to some of his teammates the story behind calling Anderson “Jackie.” He would “willingly talk” about whether to share the explanation directly with Anderson and Donaldson, but wasn’t sure if the White Sox star would be happy to hear him.

“There were some situations where he appeared on my face and tried to get me to say other words,” Donaldson said. “It just keeps happening, so today I slipped into second base [in the seventh inning], After he said something to me, I looked at him for a moment, and I seem to say, “OK, I had enough.” I just laughed. “

Donaldson was rounding second base when the finals were played three times, but soon stopped talking to Anderson. A week was removed from the dust between the two in Chicago, where Donaldson seemed to push Anderson out of his bag during a pick-off attempt, and the two chirped each other (Donaldson was blamed by Anderson. He said he threw a word) Go their different paths.

That was the stage of a big confrontation in the 5th inning. As Donaldson walked to the plate, Grandal confronted him about “Jackie”‘s comment. Anderson rushed out of his post as a shortstop shortstop before the bench and bullpen were cleared. The team met behind the plate, but the only action was Anderson being dragged out of the scene by his teammates.

The umpire then warned both dugouts, which seemed to calm them down.

“I thought it was a joke [Anderson] And I’ve talked about it before, “Donaldson said. “As I said, again, he calls himself Jackie Robinson, so I found it interesting among us.”

— — Additional report by Zach Braziller

Josh Donaldson of the Yankees: “Jackie” has been a joke for many years

Source link Josh Donaldson of the Yankees: “Jackie” has been a joke for many years

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