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Chicago — After hitting two home runs in the first 27 games, Josh Donaldson hit two home runs in two nights. The veteran third baseman made a slow start and hit .261 / .342 / .344 with .686 OPS, but the Yankees’ attack has moved to high gear and is heating up.

“I still feel like he’s there,” said Yankees manager Aaron Boone. He is on the base. He is popping one ball in the game he is smoking. He has been holding the ball a little more in the air for the past few days and is clearly hitting the ball from the stadium. He also did a couple of line drives over Pollock (White Sox outfielder AJ) last night.

“So I think [he’s] Start getting the ball a little more consistently on the line and in the air.But the quality of the turn at bat, he’s been so sharpened for the past few weeks, where he’s getting the hits and taking the walks every day, and now he’s starting to follow. [with] Some damage. “

Donaldson recorded multiple hits in each of the last two games, after only one in the previous 27 games. He drove 6 RBIs in the last two games and scored 7 RBIs in the previous 27 games.

He sees it as a product in a diverse lineup.

“I think it’s really moving us from 1 to 9 right now. We’re really doing a good job of putting together at bats. And when you can do that, it’s the other Relieves the pressure of everyone in the world, “Donaldson said. “”[Aaron] judge. [Giancarlo] Stanton, [Anthony] Rizzo, [Joey] Garo and I, everyone is connecting those at-bats. When you do it. It makes your attack very dangerous. “

The Yankees have preached their lineup and variety of attacks, but it’s like they’re back to being the same old bomber. They played against the White Sox in the Guaranteed Rate Field on Saturday night, leading the major with 48 home runs. They have hit 11 home runs in the last four games.

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Boone quickly pointed out that they were winning big walks and doubles, but he admits that the long ball is an important part of the Yankees’ attack.

“It’s an important part of the game,” Boone said. “And we certainly have someone who can get the ball out of the stadium …. One of the exciting things early in the season is that we’ve talked a lot. But the amount of way we were able to win the ball game. Low score, defensive, runner, pitch, hitting the ball from the stadium. We shook it really well over the last few nights and hit the ball from the stadium. Fact. Hopefully it will continue to give us confidence that we can win in many different ways. “

Aaron Judge leads the major with 12 home runs and Giancarlo Stanton has 10 home runs.

The Yankees recorded double-digit runs in the first two games of the series and have already achieved it six times this season. This is consistent with the overall 2021 total.

They also lead the big league in OPS (.755) and slugging (.430).

The White Sox made their first escape from Gerrit Cole on Friday night. It came when he first went to throw, but DJ LeMahieu left the bag. Boone said it was just bad communication from the bench down.

“The quality of communication we’ve been working on isn’t good enough. It shouldn’t happen,” Boone said. “It starts with me and continues that way. As you know, this is necessary to ensure airtightness and improve communication.”

Josh Donaldson is starting to get hot – New York Daily News

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