John Harbaugh, Malcolm Butler Spar-Titans Match Before Ravens

Prior to the Ravens-Titans match, there was no shortage of dramas in Baltimore.

The Titans seem to have offended Ravens ahead of the AFC showdown by marching towards the Midfield logo in front of the home team. Oral quarrel between teams According to media reports, Ravens coach John Harbaugh and Titans’ corner Malcolm Butler fought a fierce conflict. Harbo and Titans coach Mike Vrabel also exchanged words and were separated by officials.

The CBS camera caught Butler and Harbo yelling at each other.

“Uh, oh. Midfield logo drama here at M & T Bank Stadium” NFL Network Mike Galafolo wrote on Twitter.. “#Titans came out and went straight to the midfield of the logo. John Harbaugh came out all the time and got angry. After that, Mike Vrabel and Harbaugh had a lively chat. Discard the record! !! “

“When the Titans met with the Midfield logo, the Ravens players weren’t on the field yet.” Athletic Jeff Zlebiek wrote on Twitter.. “The Ravens coach was there, and Harbo started walking towards Butler when the two words were exchanged. They were eventually separated, but then Vrabel came out. See Was between Vrabel and Harbaugh. “

Ravens Titans John Harbo Showdown
Titans coach Mike Vrabel (back left) and Ravens coach John Harbaugh (second from right) are separated by referees before today’s match.Getty Images

Butler yelled at a Baltimore bystander and was seen going “nose-to-nose” with Harbo.

Zlebiek added that this was the second time the Titans had done this to Harbo’s disappointment at the Ravens stadium.

“Remember that in the January playoff game, the Titans also met the Ravens logo at the M & T Bank Stadium.” He wrote.. “Few Titans fans have said that’s what they always do, regardless of the stadium. In any case, Harbo seemed angry.”

John Harbaugh, Malcolm Butler Spar-Titans Match Before Ravens

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