Joe Judge Daniel Jones Gamble didn’t give the Giants a chance to win

Joe Judge had no regrets about rushing back Daniel Jones, and Daniel Jones had no regrets about rushing back to lead the Giants playoff charge.

However, it was a stagnant young quarterback compromised by his own limits and did not give his team a chance to win.

The judge took his best calculated bet that Daniel Jones was further hampered by a game plan that prevented him from using his feet in RPOs and anything else, better than Colt McCoy. It was an option. And after Cardinals 26, Giants 7, he noticed that he was at the mercy of a quarterback on Monday morning.

It was a disappointing performance for the Giants to outcoach and outplay the most decisive quarterback position against mobile Kyler Murray.

Hammy Jones (21-11, 127 yards, no rush attempts) had been dragging in the fourth quarter since the fifth of the six sack, but by then the game was over and Colt McCoy remained. It became a quarterback at 2:34.

It’s not the number one team, nor is it a playoff team with this kind of quarterback play and this kind of anemia attack.

“I don’t know if it was blocked [me] Too many, I was able to move around in my pocket and do what I needed to throw the ball, “Jones said.


Daniel Jones is on the sidelines when the Giants lose to the Cardinals.
Charles Wenselberg / New York Post

He was inaccurate. He didn’t see Dion Lewis wide open to the left flat in the first half. He defeated Wayne Garman. He held the ball too often. His pocket consciousness was lacking.

And his old ball security Bugaboo (three fumbles, one lost) re-raised its ugly head.

“I thought he was able to protect himself in his pocket, which is of utmost concern in whether he can step up or move it,” said the judge.

Lowering the bar to the quarterback’s ability to protect yourself in your pocket won’t beat your competitors.

He was, in effect, Eli Manning working behind the old Elec Flowers attack line.

The judge considered yanking Hamee Jones in the third quarter. At 20-0, his immobile quarterback sent a 39-yard bomb to Golden Tate, setting the Giants to one touchdown.

“We have decided that it is best to stick to what we are doing,” the judge said.


With his next possession, Jones made an incomplete pitch deep into the right sideline of the Sterling Shepherd, finishing third and first at 16, and not everyone would call it a high-rate pitch. Shepherd pigeon for capsizing. Get the damn first down.

“Just watching the match there must give him a better chance to play it,” Jones said.

Cardinals didn’t have to worry about Jones’ feet, so he was able to choke Garman and the ground game (17-78). Harson Redick had five of the Cardinals’ eight sack, two of which opposed McCoy. In other words, it’s a good day for Mark Colombo. And only Mark Colombo.

“I have to do a better job to get the balls out of my hands and find open guys. I had a little ball and put a lot of pressure on them in advance.” Jones said.

For most of the game, Shepherd and Evan Engram were retrofitted by Jones targeting Darius Layton (3-31) eight times. A true No. 1 receiver is urgently needed.

Daniel Jones was fired when he lost to Arizona.
Charles Wenselberg / New York Post

The judge says no, but call it a post-Seattle hangover or reality check. The special team has endured a nightmare for the third consecutive year. Big Blue was the only reason the game didn’t finish by half-time, performing an early goalline stand after Jones lost fumble to Marcus Golden. However, no complementary football was found after the break. And don’t forget that in quarterback-led leagues, it’s the quarterbacks that need to drive on these days. And the quarterback was stuck all day long.

“I don’t regret it,” Jones said. “I felt good enough to play. I felt I could do everything I needed. I did it throughout the game,” Jones said.

Judge: “I don’t regret playing him. I made a calculated decision based on what I thought he could do as a player.”

I’m sorry.

Joe Judge Daniel Jones Gamble didn’t give the Giants a chance to win

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