Joe Harris Leaves “Unimaginable” Nets to NBA Free Agent

Nets officially resigned Joe Harris on Monday, leaving him associated with Caris LeVert as the longest-lived player on the roster.

Listening to both Harris and General Manager Sean Marks, it doesn’t seem like you can imagine him in any other uniform. And Harris said in a video shot at the HSS Training Center in Netz.

“What’s wrong, internet fans. I just wanted to send you a simple message. Please come back to this incredible organization and say how grateful you are,” Harris said. “This place gave me the opportunity four years ago. Great coaches, great front office initiative, great ownership, great teammates, and playing for the best fans in the league, and more. I couldn’t imagine being in. I can’t wait to get started. “

After Harris spent less time in Brooklyn two years ago, this time Nets spared him on the team’s fifth-largest four-year, $ 75 million deal.

For players who helped Nets scoop up the exemption wire and become a three-point champion in the 2019 league, it’s an amazing rise and a brilliant example of their much more exciting player development.

Harris was the best of his career, averaging 14.5 points and 4.3 boards in 30.8 minutes last season. And his .439 percent from the depths since 2017 is the highest in the league (at least 1,000 attempts).

“From the moment he arrives in Brooklyn, Joe symbolizes what it means to be online,” Marks said. “On the court, Joe has improved from season to season. He has been working hard to become a core member of our team for the past four years. He is a good teammate and his game His approach to, along with his character, has had a positive impact on every aspect of the organization.

“Outside the court, Joe is an outstanding figure, and he and his family have become an integral part of our online family. Brooklyn, while celebrating all that Joe has accomplished in his career. We are also looking forward to the next chapter of his career at. “

Harris’s deal starts at $ 16.7 million this season, according to Spotrac. He will earn $ 18.1 million next season, $ 19.4 in 2022-23, and $ 20.7 in the final year of the deal.

Nets has also signed Jeff Green’s official signature. This should boost luxury tax claims to $ 50 million before the NBA’s reduced basketball-related revenue cuts.

If you’re on the subway or bus, don’t think you’ve snapped when you hear Steve Nash telling you to wear a mask. Netz coaches conducted an MTA PSA as part of a transportation “wearing a mask and saving lives” program.

“I’m Steve Nash, head coach of Brooklyn Nets, New York,” Nash said in a 10-second spot. “Wear a mask when you get on a train or bus. It helps keep you and everyone else around you safe. And that’s the law.”

Joe Harris Leaves “Unimaginable” Nets to NBA Free Agent

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