Joe Douglas’ plan to fix Jets can’t end with Trevor Lawrence

You need to wonder what the hostile coach is thinking when they start scouting the jets before they face them. Coaches usually experience the strengths of the team, what they need to take away from the team, and which players they need to worry about.

In the case of Jets, it can lead to a lot of silence.

The lack of talent in the Jets roster is serious so far. This isn’t a surprise for the 0-10 team, but they go home every week when Jets goes out into the field. Jets is playing and starting a player who probably belongs to some practice team. They are less talented than junior high school theater.

This is a challenge currently facing General Manager Joe Douglas. If Jet finishes in first place, the easy part is to draft Trevor Lawrence. Finding a new coach is important, but it should be possible with the right process. The real trick Douglas is currently facing is to overhaul the roster.

A decade of bad drafts and bad free agent decisions left Jets here. This season should be solid, right? It can’t be worse than this.

Douglas made Jets a success by loading draft topics (9 in each of the following two drafts) and getting salary caps in turn. Jets cap space is projected to exceed $ 80 million.

It gives Douglas flexibility. If the plan begins with the drafting of Lawrence, the next line is to give him a support system. I don’t know what Sam Darnold would have been if Jets had properly supported him. Darnold threw into 20 different wide receivers during his time with Jets, most of them forgotten. Adding a running back and tight end, Darnold threw to 38 different players. Darnold has no continuity and there are few playmakers around him.

See how Jets drafted before and after taking Darnold. The team used three wide receivers in two drafts before choosing Darnold. This is no higher than the third round. Aldarius Stewart was in its third round and was known as the character’s risk when Jets drafted. After taking Darnold, former GM Mike McCagnan took tight-end Chris Hardan in the fourth round of the same 2018 draft and tight-end Trebon Wesco in 2019, but not wide receivers. It was. Douglas began fixing the error with Denzel Mimes in the second round of the year.

Jets did not make up for the failure of the free agent draft. Jamison Clouder had a good sign last year, but that’s it.

Next, Meky Becton reaches the attack line, which was the first lineman Jets drafted in the first two rounds of the decade. Rhein’s negligence led Darnold to be fired 82 times in his career. There have been 10 quarterbacks fired more than he has since he joined the league in 2018, but they are all playing more games.

Of course, Jets’ holes aren’t just about attacks. They desperately need an edge rusher that can win a one-on-one battle and a cornerback that can slow down the opposite passing attack. The Chargers’ exhibition on Sunday emphasized this. Keenan Allen may have just caught another pass.

Douglas cannot fill all the holes this offseason. He made some mistakes with free agents last year offseason, but his first draft class is promising starting with Becton and Mimus.

Douglas now has the opportunity to draft generational talent at Lawrence. That’s not the difficult part. Lawrence will be surrounded by enough additional talent.

Joe Douglas’ plan to fix Jets can’t end with Trevor Lawrence

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