Joe Burrow and the youngest Super Bowl QB

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Joe Burrow shouldn’t be here. Anyway, not yet. To date, the overall NFL Draft No. 1 hasn’t led the team to the Super Bowl in just two years.

It took Peyton Manning nine years to reach the pinnacle of sport. Eli Manning, John Elway, Terry Bradshaw and Come Newton took five years. Troy Aikman and Drew Bledsoe have been waiting for four years. For some reason, Jared Goff played in his third season’s Super Bowl. However, most top picks never play in the game. Most never get closer.

Barrow is in a position to be the first player to win the Heisman Trophy, National Championships and Super Bowl. He also tied Russell Wilson as the fourth youngest quarterback in the Super Bowl (65th, 25th) and missed the final just a year after the ACL and MCL were defeated and the PCL and Meniscus were damaged. I won one. Six games of his rookie season.

Joe Burrow and the youngest Super Bowl QB

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